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The Beautiful Matanuska Valley

The Beautiful Matanuska Valley is a tribute to a very special part of the Last Frontier, a unique valley surrounded by towering mountains, bordered on its southern edge by the tidewaters of Knik Arm, a branch of Cook Inlet, crossed by sparkling streams and great rivers and dotted with thousands of crystal clear lakes. 192 more words

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Tales from Wasilla: Donna Turner

Strictly speaking, this is a tale from Big Lake, not Wasilla, but from anywhere outside of Mat-Su, it’s more or less the same place.

The Big Lake Chamber of Commerce let Donna Turner, owner of a wedding rental shop, serve as treasurer for a reported eight years, apparently without audit or bonding. 417 more words


Wasilla High School contemplates the power of a symbol

by Olivia Vincent  WASILLA HIGH

They might not have planned on it, but in the first week of school Wasilla High was asked to regard their freedoms as Americans, and morals as people, when a group of boys came on school campus flying Confederate flags on their trucks. 648 more words


Tips to prevent Water Damage in your home

Here’s some tips to prevent a big water damage in your home.  It can save you $$$ and a big inconvenience of having drying equipment and crews in your home for days. 168 more words

Alaska Water Damage

Fairbanks Daily News Miner Community Perspective Piece

Opinions are flying in Fairbanks regarding e-cigarettes, and proof is in the paper.   On December 28th, a local resident by the name of Britton Kerin wrote a community perspective piece on the banning of E-Cigarettes on UAA campuses.   796 more words

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Small Planes Collide Near Wasilla Alaska

Aviation in Alaska can be risky.  There are runways in neighborhoods and unusual places where you wouldn’t expect to see them.  Alaska has more small planes per capita than other states in the U.S., we are destined to have more serious accidents.  14 more words

Senator Bill Stoltze's (R) Response to SB1 & HB40

We’d like to commend Senator Bill Stoltze of the Alaska State Senate for taking the “Do Not Support” position on both Senate Bill 1 & House Bill 40.   256 more words

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