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…malt whiskey from the US? Ok… - American whiskey tasting nr 10.

Deciding to start making malt whisky must be one of the worst business proposals ever. Investing in an operation that will have expenses from day one, but no income for many years seems like something for either the foolhardy or the extremely wealthy. 762 more words

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Wasmund's Copper Fox Rye Whiskey, 45%

This is a weird one, from an American craft distillery. I’ve come to learn after some years of skepticism that there are quite some kick-ass little distilleries in the USA, whether or not they’re releasing their own spirits or buying and blending for a while before going back to releasing their own stuff. 481 more words

- American Whiskey

Wasmund’s Single Malt Whisky

If you’ve read my posts before then you’ll know that I’ve said, the difference between whisky and whiskey is really the spelling and the word itself denotes the place where the whisky or whiskey comes from. 388 more words


Peerlessly poor - Wasmund's Single Malt

The London bus analogy holds true: you wait months for a record-breaking low score and then two come along back-to-back. Wasmund’s is produced in Virginia by the Copper Fox distillery. 394 more words


Wasmund’s Single Malt Whisky – Jazz in a Bottle, Theatre for the Nose

More fully: Wasmund’s Rappahannock Pot Stilled non-chill-filtered Single Malt Whisky, Batch #78, aged 11 months, 96 proof.

For more details on this whisky and the distillery that makes it, go here: … 1,106 more words


The Kill-Devil Tastings

Craig Heap reports back from the Kill-Devil Tastings & Knowledge whisky tasting session in Leeds. 1,496 more words

Craig Heap