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My Triumphs and My Big, Fat Failures as a Parent

So today was Sunday and that can only mean three things: Sunday School, Mass and cleaning the house.

Today is a list of triumphs and failures and this list was just from today. 759 more words

The Return of the Hives!

One good thing about this time of year is that I can perform full checks of 18 hives in just a couple of hours!   While I’d hate to see so few bees and no honey come June, it sure is nice to be able to knock out half the bee yard before lunch without even breaking a sweat. 593 more words

Lazer Creek Apiary

Struggling for Words

Oh dear, what should I talk about?

Julia has put an end to talk of funerals for the moment. She thinks it’s morbid.

She’s also put an end to posts about how she bosses me around. 504 more words


Poetry corner

Monster wasp – by Gent Thunderblanket and Franz Wotsit

An unbelievable beast it was rarely believed,
Brian’s pet wasp all his friends they agreed,
Such a good pet it was for a young buck, 466 more words

Poetry Corner

Delayed Gratification

Having been delayed by heavy snowfall six weeks ago, the Fun a Day Dundee exhibition finally took place Friday to Sunday. This is a challenge to produce creative pieces during January. 223 more words

Local rugby weekend review

It was an interesting set of results for the city’s rugby sides this weekend, although they will not effect much in the grand scheme of things. 155 more words

Coventry Rugby

Paper Wasps

We buzz about in word and phrase
and taste our pain with inky sting.
We hold regret in hoarded haze
where secrets linger, hard-fought things. 80 more words