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Sunshine is Overrated

Sunshine brings the wasp that comes through my open window
and disturbs the whole process
because I can handle the buzzing in my head
but not the buzzing of the wasp outside of it. 151 more words

Auplopus carbonarius-male- Garden

Notable Species

A generally scarce species although perhaps especially prone to under-recording through its secretive and elusive nature. It is essentially a southern species, although an old record for ‘Bridgenorth’ (Saunders 1896) may refer to Shropshire. 367 more words

There's a Fine on That?

I keep reading that wasps are an endangered species, which I refuse to believe. There at least as common as houseflies here. So, I looked into that a little further. 70 more words


Striped Invaders

Earlier today, I opened my bathroom window to let out the steam. It’s a small window, located right behind the toilette and thus nearly inaccessible. When I went to close it again, it wouldn’t. 232 more words


The Sting

I know what you are thinking – a sting is a secret operation of some sort. Nope! This sting was the real McCoy, the kind that comes with an insect on the other end. 499 more words


Back to the Bela

Another Monday night bout of ballet lesson related Dad’s taxi duties provided a window sufficient for a good long walk, but, unusually, wading through a quagmire of lethargy, I took a while to get going and then eventually set off to repeat the short circuit along the Bela to its confluence with the Kent and back via the Orchid Triangle and the road past the Heronry. 566 more words