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Wasps & Galls

Galls are fascinating for me and I see quite a lot of them on Acacia trees. They never disappoint and usually have something interesting to see on them – even if it’s only a colony of… 175 more words


The Wasp Who Stings

I didn’t get a chance to upload anything since Thursday! I’ve been really busy with college, and I forgot to take my camera home, so here’s an old picture I done for a project last year. 55 more words


Abispa Mud Wasp

Abispa sp. mud wasps can look scary (this one is quite large at 25-30mm) but all she wants to do is collect caterpillars to provide food for her offspring. 91 more words


Hyperparasite: Acroclisoides sp.

Acroclisoides wasps are tiny insects that parasitise wasps that parasitise bugs. That’s right. Somehow, these wasps find a clutch of bug eggs (which are really small to start with) that have already been parasitised by a wasp and manage to get their little babies into those wasp larvae. 167 more words


We Love Wasps

Wasps have a bad reputation but play an important role in controlling populations of other insects. Wasps feed on things like caterpillars or spiders while others may only take nectar from flowers which also makes them important pollinators. 311 more words


A Spooky Message from the Afterlife. Ooooooh!

Do you know the worst thing about being dead?

It’s not the necrophiles. They do creep me out, but I’m not using my body anymore, so I guess its better that they hump away on that than some poor unsuspecting heavy sleeper. 913 more words


Bureaucrats in DC deny Arlington Cemetery to women pilots from World War 2

Click to enlargeHarmon family photo

First Lt. Elaine Danforth Harmon, a Women’s Airforce Service Pilot, or WASP, was one of many women who served their country when it needed them the most.

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