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The Wasp had a Contract out on me

It was a lovely summer day and all was well with the world, so it was a day for pottering about in the garden.  I changed into my working clothes, you know the ones that you don’t mind getting muddy or scagging on the long winding thorn bush that seems to appear over night. 809 more words


English-Americans: Still English?

The above is from a pro-English Facebook group.

I know some would not agree with the idea expressed in it, but there’s no denying that one… 362 more words


tomatoes [118/365]

Of all fruit and veggies, the tomato  is one of my favourite. I deliberately wrote fruit and veggies, I’ve seen endless discussions where people have, wrongfully, referred to the tomato as a vegetable. 228 more words


Albion's Seed, again

David Hackett Fischer’s book on Anglo-American origins continues to exercise inordinate influence on most discussions of American history and culture.

Of course the thesis of the book is that although the British Isles were the source of most of the colonists who settled this country (though Fischer, I think, unduly emphasizes other European colonists) there is not a unified culture nor a single people as the source of the American nation. 985 more words


Bums on European seats wanted...again

Now that the dust has settled on some exhilarating stuff in last weekend’s Champions Cup the organisers should be asking a searching question: “Where have all the fans gone?” 505 more words

Killing Stingers

by Stephen Regan

Rob stomps out of his workplace and over to the crap hotel at the end of the lane. Janet behind the bar pours him red wine, flashes her sad smile. 504 more words

Flash Fiction

What is happening to rugby?

Not long ago, if you were watching Super Rugby on a Friday or Saturday morning, one of the eye catching things that surprised many people from the Northern Hemisphere was the number of empty seats. 854 more words