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and now I'm afraid of grapes, part 2

Hello again, back to my story.

My next stop is a local, highly recommended psychologist. I’m thinking, this will be better, at least I don’t have to drive into Toronto for these appointments. 427 more words

Ivy - nature's larder

Years ago when I began to get to grips with the garden where we previously lived  there was a mass of ivy growing up a fence post.  767 more words

Relationship With Nature

Anglo-Saxon Ethnic Pride Day

Few people realize that I was the inventor of Anglo-Saxon Ethnic Pride Day. It was announced by Mrs. Charles Wesendonk, Chairman of the Boomerstown Women’s Club Cultural Affairs Committee in my play “The Boomerstown Women’s Club Cultural Affairs Committee Invites You to a VISIT WITH THE MUSE Featuring All of Boomerstown’s Leading Poets.” 159 more words

The lack of WASP advocates online

It would seem that there are enough Americans of English, or predominantly English, descent that there should be more blogs and websites which advocate for the English-descended American. 416 more words


and now I'm afraid of grapes

Apiphobia, or melissophobia, is the fear of bees, and spheksophobia is the fear of wasps. If you search online, the results look promising, until you click on each page and see it is a marketing website to buy a cure for your phobia. 377 more words

An Apple A Day

I went to pick up some fallen and very ripe fruit in our little orchard and found quite a surprise.

I’m glad I found them before they found me.


Dealing with wasps

Wasps can be distracted  from trying to enter honeybee colonies. A container of cappings is placed on the inner cover to give the honeybees a couple of days to lick off whatever honey the can find. 48 more words