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Working their way back to you babe, staying focused and community links...

There’s always a danger of taking comments out of context.

Read Rowland Winter’s post match comments in isolation and it all sounds a little worrying: 2,380 more words

Club Talk

Guardians of the Verge

Quietly they glide

under every leaf

carefully looking

for food and thieves.

The thieves steal sap

from plants we love.

They bite fruit and

suck leaves dry. 97 more words

Wasp World

“It’s too early in the morning.” she said.

“It’s too hot for them now.” she said.

“It just rained, they are not out.” she said. 194 more words


Ouchies. Double Ouchies...

I was sent out to help one of the day guys. Mike’s one of the younger, full of vigor guys, who will climb a near impossible pole to get his job done. 193 more words

This Too Will Pass

I didn't follow my plan :-)

I’ve been rather active this morning, again! That sort of scares me :-) We started the day as always by looking out the window and see what kind of weather we’re having. 653 more words



Ugh, I had a horrible dream that wasps where after me and trying to sting me 😣this dream wasn’t very vivid and so I don’t have any details but I did wake up screaming and thinking there was wasps all over me! 175 more words

Who On Earth Thought Insects Were a Good Idea?

They nip, bite, sting, burrow into the flesh, occupy our intestines and eat eyeballs. They spread diseases and those that don’t spread diseases carry the bacteria and viruses that do spread diseases. 549 more words

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