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Carpenter Bees

Male may hover in front of one’s face, but don’t have stinger & hovering is merely for show. Female carpenter bees do have a potent stinger, but its rarely used. 31 more words

Female World War 2 Pilots Can Now Be Buried At Arlington National Cemetery

Female service members who served as pilots during World War II can now be laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery thanks to a bipartisan bill… 397 more words


Howto Handle Pests

In prior decades, pest plague has been a huge issue to go over. By this time around, no region is free from this problem. They are testifying to become ineffective actually seasonable ways are being aimed by individual governments. 311 more words

Sapyga-quinquepunctata (wasp) Garden

Cornwall to Kent, and north to Westmorland and North-east Yorkshire.
Overseas found in much of Europe (including Norway, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Malta, Cyprus); the Middle East (Syria, Jordan, Israel, Turkey) and north Africa (Tunisia, Morocco).

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A Life with Insects

I was sat in the tea garden enjoying a jam scone and a pot of tea on a Summer afternoon when I heard a woman repeatedly ask, ‘What is the point of this wasp!?’ 786 more words


Why Andy Goode is the best player in the world

Read the title again and let it sit with you for a moment, I know there is a little part of your heart that agrees with me and you know it. 359 more words

the wasps were able to discriminate

In a single colony of P. fuscatus, there are often multiple groups of wasps led by cooperating queens. By constantly battling each other, the queens set up a power structure in the colony, determining food distribution, work assignments and reproductive privileges. 273 more words

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