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In Australia, bees and wasps are more dangerous than spiders and snakes 

Australia has a reputation for being a hotbed of deadly spiders, snakes, and jellyfish, but a new study shows that bees and wasps are not to be trifled with either, because they’re actually Australia’s most dangerous stingers. 709 more words


Florida Man Demolishes Wasp Nest With His Bare Hands

We’re not sure if this Florida resident is either crazy, dumb or just REALLY manly in this clip.  All we know is this: ladies show this to your man next time he complains about you wanting him to kill a bug or get rid of a bug nest.   10 more words


The Smaller World Revisited (Parasitoid Wasp, Chalcidoidea?)

Recently I posted some photos of a parasitoid wasp, and here we have a cousin of sorts. These were taken on the same day, very soon after and in the same general area (maybe the same bush actually) as the first wasp I had shared. 138 more words

Macro Photography

Hanging Out At the Mall

      There are always problems with anthropomorphizing non-humans. Just think of those cute cat and dog “shaming” videos where animals are just being true to their nature but we humans attach reasons and feelings behind their behavior.   349 more words


La La Land

I have a complicated relationship with musicals, in much the same way that your dad has a complicated relationship with dogs: I know it’s all a bit wrong but sometimes you just can’t help but enjoy one. 1,793 more words


Wasps and strawberries

I’d wondered why forest gardens tended not to have blackberries until through foraging and generally going on genuine country walks I noticed lots of them growing wild. 208 more words