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When the “worst” has happened. (From the viewpoint of one phobic.)

It was a beautiful late September day, 31  degrees Celsius at my favourite local beach in Cobourg, ON. 688 more words

Garden Pests- Score one for Nature!

I found this guy on one of my tomato plants this weekend and had no idea what was all over him.

I posted it on Instagram and a couple of my followers told me they were wasp eggs.   29 more words


When do wasps die off?

Coming to the end of the summer brings a kind of sweaty melancholy to the population, as we all realise how quickly the year is passing us by. 586 more words


Dance of the insects

Augustus 18th 2015

Source: © Georgios Alexandris | Dreamstime Stock Photos

The time of the year has come again: the insects, especially wasps, fly around your head and ears. 454 more words


The Food of the Gods (1976)

Plot: A trio of friends head to a remote island, as a big game is coming up and this retreat should help relax and clear their minds. 623 more words

How Wasp Your Day?

Trying to describe a phobia to someone who doesn’t have one, is like trying to describe what childbirth feels like: this is a place beyond words. 388 more words