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“The club isn’t the best place to find a lover So the bar is where I go”

if u by heart it.. u would know – its shape of “U”.. 206 more words


Abortion: Good, Bad or Indifferent?

“You’re the reason we have to bring her here!” While looking over a 13ft fence at the local abortion mill, as I tried to plead with a young man and woman to not murder their baby and turn to Christ, these were the words I heard coming from an older woman who had just driven them there. 1,665 more words


Long Range Dates to Remember...

A list of upcoming events to think about attending:

CR Training Conference in Gig Harbor on March 10th.

CRI Quarterly (held in that same area), at the Trinity Church in Tacoma, April 7th. 94 more words


The Good, Bad and the Awe-mazing

So I was going to make a sombre post about how evang last Friday downtown wasn’t fun At. All. to try and show that it’s not always encouraging, and I’m not always motivated to do it. 804 more words


If She Throw Me on Snap than I'm Breaking Her Phone!

Ray Mula – Wassup 

Ray Mula ft. Dave East, Don Q – Wassup with the Wassup Remix

Had been wanting to throw up a post about Ray Mula’s ‘Wassup’ for a week or two and hadn’t gotten around to it, and now a remix of it just came out with Don Q and Dave East jumping onto it in addition to Ray’s first verse from the original. 623 more words


The Gospel: Declared or Demonstrated? Why Words Speak Louder than Works

“Be on mission! Build God’s kingdom! Serve your community! Live missionally!” Chances are you’ve been hearing these Christian buzz phrases doled out like candy lately. The intention behind these expressions to encourage believers to share the gospel may be in the right place. 1,666 more words


Offending into the Kingdom

Yes it’s true: I’d rather offend someone into heaven than “love” them into hell—love being in quote marks, because not sharing the truth with someone due to fear of man is not very loving. 1,552 more words