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Plastic Free Dunedin producing cloth bags for Dunedin - with Tess Trotter

When we consider the 100s of years that a single use plastic bag can persist in our environment, and the harmful effects of plastic in nature, the drawbacks of the plastic shopping bag definitely outweigh its limited bit of usefulness  Рsimply to carry our groceries from our car to our kitchen. 381 more words

Waste Minimisation

Para Kore (and how I linked to my Marae)

I moved to Aotearoa New Zealand in late 2012 and, not knowing many people (anyone, except my partner’s family who I had met once, to be precise), I greatly valued¬†opportunities to meet new people, build new relationships, and extend my social network. 574 more words

Old tools for new livelihoods - with Stephen Wood from Tools for Solidarity

Tools For Solidarity is a small charity based in the cities of Belfast and Downpatrick in Northern Ireland. The charity collects, refurbishes and sends old unwanted hand tools and sewing machines from here in Ireland to skilled tradespeople living in Africa, helping them to secure productive livelihoods for them, their families, and their communities. 427 more words

Community Action

Baby Steps to Waste Minimisation

The journey to Zero Waste is not an easy one. I have been practicing waste minimisation in my home for a number of years, and still have not managed to reach the Zero Waste target. 526 more words

Zero Waste

The daily grind

There’s nothing wrong with a good cup of java in the morning to get the day going – but what do you do with the leftover coffee grounds once the caffeine high has long dissipated? 173 more words


Successes in Compulsory Kerbside Composting - with Clive Catterson

The newly formed Ards and North Down Borough Council is leading the way across Councils in Northern Ireland to reduce waste being sent to landfill. In particular, it has set itself ambitious targets to reduce food waste going to landfill by introducing a compulsory kerbside collection composting scheme that takes food waste and other compostibles and composts it safely and aerobically. 338 more words

Waste Minimisation

Belfast, a Sustainable Food City - with Kerry Melville

There are many people passionate about good sustainable healthy food in Dunedin, such as the grassroots collective – Our Food Network Dunedin, as well as Dunedin’s permaculture movement and the great increase in community gardens around the city. 489 more words

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