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Recycling with Sheldon Nesdale, a Candidate in the Tauranga City Council by-election 2018 - Waste Minimisation Rua

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Do you care about minimising waste in our waterways, earth and wildlife?

We do too.


We encourage you to VOTE in the coming Tauranga by-election. 118 more words

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By-election Candidates for Tauranga City Council - How did you 'vote'? For or against rates-paid waste, recycling, glass kerbside collection?

Over March and into April 2018, Bay of Plenty-ites were surveyed by Tauranga City Council and also Greater Tauranga about things that matter.

Out of 9 tick-box questions with ‘your’ preferred choice, there were 2 pertaining to waste & recycling. 2,391 more words

Bay Of Plenty

Recycling Glass in the Bay of Plenty - The problems explained plus solutions offered - Waste Minimisation tahi

March the 1st 2018 saw the end of glass recycling in the Bay of Plenty, as we know it, when ‘Waste Management’ refused to take glass within our kerbside collection. 948 more words

Bay Of Plenty

Waste Free...What?!

This is the first in a series of posts about a little experiment my husband and I are doing which we’re unimaginatively calling, “Waste Free April”. 358 more words

Waste Minimisation or an Opportunity Missed

Auckland’s Draft Waste Minimisation Plan (DWWP) has to be applauded for its laudable goals. If we always waited for the absolutely perfect plan we would never move forward. 667 more words


Closed Loop Urban Biodynamic Farm in West Auckland: CLUB Farming is born

There is definitely a change in consciousness happening across the world. People are waking up to the fact that resources have been depleted through rampant greed. 523 more words