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Reusable Produce Bags

The challenge

The transition from plastic to reusable shopping bags was easy for me, although it took me a while to remember to take them every time I go shopping. 627 more words


Composting Paper Towels - with Jen Rodgers

In the workplace, paper towels used to dry hands in bathrooms are responsible for a significant amount of the waste going to land fill. Being soiled, the paper is not suitable for recycling back into paper or cardboard. 239 more words

Waste Minimisation

Food recipes made from leftovers - with Cath Gledhill

Sometimes it’s the simple things that over time make the big difference. Things like making meals from leftovers to reduce the amount of food ending up in the landfill. 627 more words

Waste Minimisation

Building a Re-purposed Worm farm - with Jennie Upton

Jennie Upton is passionate about re-purposing – the practice of creating things we want out of things we no longer want. Its a great way to divert materials from being landfilled – and its also cheap and fun! 336 more words

Waste Minimisation

My experience with Reusable Ladies Pads

Thanks to my friend Maria I started using reusable ladies pads over a year ago. Maria had recently started her own small business called Dulcet Handmade of making and selling reusable nappies, ladies pads, toys and all kind of pretty handmade things ( 520 more words


Plasti & Steeli

I recently became a member of local public speaking course (Toastmaster). My first project there was to present a speech (5-7 min) that is clear and easy to understand. 721 more words


Love your fridge and waste less

Making better use of domestic fridges and freezers can help food last longer resulting in less waste. In fact, there are potential savings to be made of around £200 million if we all used our fridges to store certain foods and lowered the temperature! 54 more words