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Daily Shorts - Disappointed

If a highly anticipated event has sold out of tickets online, and you announce that you will be selling paper tickets, surely you would bring more than 20 odd tickets…

Just a thought.



I tell you what: Fear is a big waste of time. I’m not afraid of anything. – Raymie Nightingale, Kate DiCamillo

Book Quotes

All for you baby girl

You’re my whole fucking world

Lest my words say to halt

Folly not to see your fault

Wait right here, buy my tricks… 157 more words


Ball’s Fair In Love and War

In yesterday’s post, I alluded to the rubber nemesis I encountered this weekend. As a teensy recap, Will was being peppered with work calls, necessitating him to be on the phone for sometimes a half hour at a time while hunched over the computer. 779 more words


Waste of time

I signed an agreement with Robert Cocco of Philadelphia to pursue a simple case against a creditor. He came across as natural at first but after receiving my signed contract he began acting fishy and something did not sit right with me. 147 more words

7 Ways To Waste Your Life

In my office, a post-it notes hangs from my monitor with this question, “What will people remember about you once you’re gone?” It’s a subtle, yet sobering reminder that life is short. 1,399 more words

Sometimes you just have to laugh...

I love technology, but sometimes the stupid is just too much. Who knew that buying a ten-dollar video game online from a tech giant like Microsoft, could be so complicated? 215 more words

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