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#Haiku - Movie Time

Lots of good action

That’s what the preview promised

Darn it, fooled again

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twin peaks season 1 episode 1 (1990)

what is this show about:

ok so bc this is the first episode of series i’m gonna tell u what’s up w this show. i’ve never watched it before but i keep hearing how it’s “defining of a generation” or whatever. 708 more words


Crayons (a poem)

“Use the whole box of crayons,” he said.

So I spilled the box

and began to paint my life

Orange: cheerful days that glow

Green: for fragile things that grow… 60 more words


Facebook and Wasting Time

It seems to me that one of humans’ worst facts is their wasting of time. Some waste time sleeping more than they need, others waste it on 1000+ episodes of Conan. 182 more words

Human Matters

Short Spurts #44

You’ve decided not to complain,

Just follow through with it,

Stop walking around sad,

People will notice it.

If you want to die just go, … 27 more words


Anything > Nothing

This is a brilliant, profound comic.

Take my word for it.

Comic Commentary