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In Support of Fridge Magnets

There are lots of things in the world that are unpleasant or onerous but which seem to be around just to teach us a lesson. Examples are: losing almost a third of our lives sleeping, which, let’s face it, is like being dead; having half of our time blotted out by something called night, which is quite inconveniently filled with darkness; and a system that, whilst it admittedly rewards good acts with good stuff, inconveniently gives us bad things when we do bad stuff. 267 more words


rubies glow in their feces




a purpose.

divine intervention.

putting that

work in.



on this Earth’s


DNA helix.

swirls like cursive.

no diamonds for the swine. 48 more words

Food For Thought

Car insurance claim: it's a Saga

Today for the first time in over 20 years I made a car insurance claim. A great big 4×4 rear-ended my wee town car while I was stationary at traffic lights. 579 more words

The Author is a Thief

It’s World Poetry Day today! Happy Poetry Day! Just wanted to share a little fun that I wrote about a month ago. Comments?

The Author is a Thief… 170 more words

Don't mind if I do...

Ladies, gentlemen, everything inbetween ! Good news are spreading quickly and that’s why it comes as no surprise that no one is here to welcome me back once again. 764 more words


So Over Comparing Myself

I suffer from a deadly disease called comparisonitis. Its symptoms are: anger, despair, depression, self-loathing, lack of motivation, confusion, worry, and procrastination. Comparisonitis is triggered by random trips to the land of SOCIAL MEDIA. 176 more words

Real Life

I'm So Over Bullshit Jobs

Yesterday I was called down to the conference room at my school (I’m a high school teacher) and was told that I would be getting suspended for three days without pay. 196 more words

So Over.....