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The 2nd ‪#‎ONCEINAWHILEWEDNESDAYS‬ (…On A Thursday Shh)

So long story short, I had an idea for this week’s blog post about being the bigger person and taking the high road in life! But then I got my hair done yesterday for a friend’s mom’s blow out salon, and my narcissistic ass thought it would be more entertaining to record myself attempting to take out my hair rather than to write an insightful blog post. 78 more words

Prime time!

Don’t waste others time, and also don’t allow your own time to get wasted.

Personal Reflections


If you think I suit your tastes
If you think it will be a piece of cake
If you think it will be easy as pie… 116 more words


No Time to Waste; I Would Prefer Not To

Time is limited.

Time is fleeting.  A lifetime goes by in the blink of an eye.  When you look back in your golden years, will you have regrets about how your spent your time? 2,616 more words

Time Management

Do the Grammys matter?

Another year goes by, and this years Grammys have once again sent people into a frenzy, asking the same question they always do – do the Grammys matter any more?  496 more words


Why Laneway is so disappointing

Can’t see anything
Ridiculous queues for toilets
Disorganised staff never responded to my volunteer application
30 C and no shade (and no umbrellas/parasols allowed!)
Most artists only get 30 minute sets… 102 more words


In the long run,

I won’t be the one

gasping for air.