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Spotting Children Developing Hoarding and Excessive Collecting Tendencies

Hoarding and having too many things is becoming a big problem in today’s society, and this is not just a problem for adults.  Many children are now developing hoarding tendencies and this can often raise concerns amongst parents who are unsure of how to deal with the situation.   1,027 more words

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Children’s Toys, Games and Puzzles: Why Having Less is Best!

Toys, games and puzzles are what our children play with to help them understand themselves and the world around them. They teach and develop interaction with the child’s peers and with grown ups, acting as building blocks to provide an essential foundation for each child’s future. 963 more words

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Recycle Unwanted Clothing and Textiles in San Francisco

What do tote bags, oven mitts, chair cushions, carpet padding, and rugs have in common? They can all be made from recycled clothes and other textiles. 302 more words


Fallbrook’s Recycling Ninjas

It is never too early to take action towards waste reduction. After meeting with the Fallbrook Street Elementary School Recycling Club, Emily wanted to share the students’ enthusiasm about recycling with all of you! 457 more words


Council adopts zero-waste trash plan

SAN DIEGO — A plan to divert increasing amounts of San Diego’s waste away from the Miramar Landfill — and eliminate all trash from going to the facility by 2040 — was approved Monday by the City Council. 519 more words


The end of battalion Earth Worms

Garage Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of battalion Earth Worms. Its mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new food and new civilizations, to boldly go where no worm has gone before. 276 more words

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I’ve tried to make each blog entry around a theme of a kind. Today I didn’t. Today I’ll just share a few random observations I’ve made during this month: 401 more words