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Waste reduction in worship

In keeping with the idea of “eco-Reformation,” the Worship Commission has decided to return to the use of glass communion cups instead of plastic as a way to reduce disposable waste. 25 more words


EWWR: GUCA’s Top 10 Tips for Reducing Your Waste

Why is reducing our waste so important?

We currently live in a ‘throw away’ society – one that buys new, throws out old, and doesn’t give it a second thought. 1,815 more words


Waste reduction ... favourite pastime of treehuggers and idealists or necessity for humankind?

This week is European Week of Waste Reduction. And of course, since this topic is so dear to me, I’ll not let this opportunity pass by without making a contribution of my own. 924 more words

Slow Living

Plan Bee

There has been a hive of activity going on in the mean streets of Rau Sou.  A  bunch of busy bees have been getting busy in the name of buzzy bees and working bees and I’m gonna get wax lyrical about it. 289 more words

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Electronics Graveyard

Stephen Blyth from Greenown + is on a mission to tackle his electronic graveyard.

One by one our electronics graveyard has been mounting up. It’s not like we’ve been upgrading computers every year, but the pile of gadgets and cables that are dead or surplus to requirements keeps growing. 329 more words

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My Thoughts on Why

As I was sitting here, attaching countless buttons in preparation for this weekends photo-shoot (surrounded by dirty dishes and a huge pile of laundry), I was thinking to myself: Why I am doing this ? 390 more words


Well hello there! Welcome to my blog.

Hello! Welcome to my blog. Something I’m always thinking about is how much waste we, as humans, produce and consume. According to a study at Duke University, … 397 more words