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Thoughts From a Day 1/16/2017

Went for a mini shopping trip just to get out of the house. Here is the outcome, featuring George the cat!

My groceries were almost all zero-waste (the plastic bulk bag has been in use for several months now), and I rode my bike there. 330 more words

Zero Waste

Where I Begin: Waste Reduction

Look. At. All. That. Plastic.

No really, look at it. Take it all in, because, by the end of this year, it will be gone.  388 more words


Confessions of a Not Zero Waste Mum

OK, so I often write about zero waste, up-cycling and various environmental issues, so it may seem that I live a very sustainable and even a zero-waste lifestyle. 775 more words


Is Being 'Less Bad’ in 2017 No Good?

Can I go through life being a beautiful shade of Seafoam, or will I only be embraced if I am a full-fledged Amazon Moss? 611 more words

Waste Reduction

Is Zero Waste Realistic?

The answer is no, not for everyone.

Let’s talk for a moment about ability. For today, I am not talking about physical, mental, or emotional abilities and the great variation we humans display in all these areas (although there’s a good read on that in relation to zero waste over at… 495 more words

Zero Waste

5 Tips to Reduce Waste Wherever You Are

I’ve noticed that I have a tendency to create more waste when I’m not in a personal environment (i.e. my apartment or workplace). When I’m out and about or staying somewhere different, I won’t have easy access to the materials I’m used to and I may also be in a less thoughtful frame of mind meaning that I may do what is most convenient rather than least wasteful. 946 more words

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The Deal

So here’s the deal: Zero-waste is a rather misleading misnomer. The truth of the matter is, regardless of how much we are each able to reduce our personal waste, there will still be waste in this world. 348 more words

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