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Handkerchiefs are Green and Classy

With my ever-runny nose and tendency to cry rather easily, I make sure that a handkerchief is always within reach.

Handkerchiefs remind me of days past when nearly everyone had one on his or her person. 258 more words


IoT for cold chains

Sustainability problem- Losses in the cold chain

The cold chain refers to the temperature-controlled part of a supply chain that involves a series of interrupted refrigeration, storage and distribution processes. 522 more words

Energy/Water & Waste Management

Biodegradable Eco-bags

  1. Sustainability Problem: Waste is a recurring problem that has persisted through decades of innovation towards unnatural manufacturing and processes. Delving deeper, plastic waste is a big issue because they do not degrade easily.
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Energy/Water & Waste Management

Hello yellow brick road

One of the major reasons we picked our house was because it was very well built, despite the decor that had been preserved from the ‘70’s.   660 more words


A Plastic World

I recently watched a documentary about plastic and how it is affecting the earth, it is called “A Plastic Ocean”.  I would highly recommend you to watch it if you haven’t already.   1,166 more words

My Top 3 Sources of Food Waste and Easy Solutions

One of the things I focus on when it comes to aiming towards a more minimal lifestyle is reducing food waste. Having worked in professional kitchens for more than a few years, I have a certain amount of instinctive habits that I naturally transfer to my home kitchen. 537 more words


Zero Waste Week Day 5 - Food Waste Friday

Here we are, at the end of Zero Waste Week and Day 5’s theme is food waste. I thought I was doing quite well this week with my food waste, until today. 629 more words

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