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Putting the Fun in February

All right, this isn’t going to be easy. February is like November, only bleaker, colder, and without Thanksgiving. And it’s peak training month for those with spring marathons, which includes yours truly. 435 more words

Running & Cycling

On Chasing Sensations

Rethinking the term materialism

I recently read something that made me pause and think about the meaning behind concepts I had heretofore taken for granted. Words are powerful tools, but without clear and universal meaning, our ability to understand and communicate with the world around us is limited. 841 more words

Sharewear - Style Money Can't Buy

Sharewear is a Swedish Democreativity initiative, an initiative that aims to inspire a sustainable way to be fashionable.

Each year millions of textiles are thrown away and in order to cut textile waste, we need to throw away less. 229 more words


How I Almost Put Honey on my Beans and Rice

I consume a lot of hot sauce, and it seems I’m always buying another bottle from the store. One day, after purchasing a particularly pricey brand of my favorite jalapeno salsa, I looked at the ingredients and figured it can’t be too difficult to make myself… 243 more words

Easy Eats from the Fridge: Salami Pesto Omelette

Planning for meals is great — you know what you need to get from the store and it helps cut down on wasted food. But sometimes I’m in the mood for something other than leftovers. 198 more words

Reducing waste in the bathroom

I have been working on reducing our waste over the last few months.  The bathroom has been one place where we have made some notable changes, in addition to some things we were already doing, and the bathroom is looking a lot less cluttered as a result. 1,273 more words

Zero Waste

Where to Donate Clothes and Furniture

Written by Denise Deby.

If you’re clearing out stuff you don’t need, and think someone else could use it, consider these options:

Agencies in Ottawa are… 339 more words