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Welcome to Evans Family Footprint blog!

My name is Emily. I am a mum, fiance and am passionate about reducing waste. We live just outside of Canberra on a property where we don’t have rubbish collection, plenty of space to grow our own vegetables and are able to enjoy the fresh air! 100 more words

Achievable Goals

Green Team news

Green Teams in King County schools have already accomplished a lot since the beginning of the school year! There’s plenty of time to start new projects this year. 698 more words


Meet the Keep Cup

*Before I start I want to make a disclaimer, this is not a sponsored post. I genuinely like this product and wanted to highlight it. 413 more words

King County Green Schools in action

Here are a few examples of what King County Green Schools Program participants are doing this fall to engage students and staff members in conservation practices. 268 more words


Cans o' Worms!

I’m fortunate enough to live in a building with a compost chute, so it’s easy for me to dispose of my kitchen scraps even though I live in the middle of a large city. 109 more words

Shrink That Footprint

Ban Plastic Pollution

Plastic is a multifold problem: first, there is the large carbon footprint generated by producing disposable plastic. Second, there is the plastic pollution that kills wildlife, pollutes water, and clogs landfills (which are already a huge producer of the potent greenhouse gas methane). 15 more words

Shrink That Footprint

How to Make A Disposable Razor Last

I love getting the maximum use out of things because it means less waste and more savings.

If disposable razors have titanium blades why to they get dull? 160 more words

Green Solutions