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Practical Opportunities for Waste Reduction in Senior Living Centers

In other posts I’ve discussed the waste in the healthcare industry and senior living centers more generally.  Now let’s get into some simple practical methods.  Note that these are my practical ideas after visiting numerous senior living centers to visit my grandparents.  419 more words

Historic Efforts to Reduce Waste

Waste wasn’t really in the vocabulary of my elders and specifically my grandparents when they were young.  They were born into immigrant working class families with 6+ children on each side and migrated to the US.  451 more words

Waste in Hospitals and Senior Living Centers

A close family friend works at a Veteran Association hospital and has for years.  They have always mentioned that their hospital in Altoona, Pennsylvania is one of the greenest hospitals in the country.  632 more words

Reeve helps Special Olympics Seattle 2018 set new sustainability benchmark

On July 1, 2018 something very exciting will be happening in Seattle, and at Reeve we’re excited to be a part of it!  The 2018 Special Olympics USA Games… 208 more words

Sustainable Purchasing

How to think about waste.

The basics to understand how to reduce waste are to think according to the Waste Hierarchy:

From: University of Huddersfield. “Waste and Recycling – University of Huddersfield,” November 2016. 422 more words

Why should we reduce waste? 

Each environmentalist has their own lens or two through which they fight for the environment whether it be for the protection of animals, the need to reduce climate change for the effects it will have on human settlements or environmental justice for endangered populations.  536 more words

The weirdest and best life hack I've ever tried

My son loves Fruit Ninja. Secretly so do I, but we don’t need to talk about that. My son has this thing he likes to do – when he levels up, they show fun fruit facts. 245 more words