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Conscious Consumption Part 1: Take Care of Your Stuff

There’s a tiny storefront in my neighbourhood with a simple sign propped up in the window reading “Rocco Shoe Repair”. I’ve gone past it a hundred times over the past 7 years, thinking how handy it was to have so close to my house, but only went in for the first time this spring. 332 more words

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How to reduce waste using paper kaizen?

Paper Kaizen is a process improvement activity where you describe a work process on paper (either one that is operating or being conceived), review the process to detect waste, revise it to eliminate the waste, and describe the improved work process on paper. 109 more words

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"Stuff" Doesn't Have to be a Bad Word

You won’t find many green living advocates admit this, but I like shopping and I like new things – clothes, shoes, accessories, kitchen gadgets, you name it. 431 more words

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On Customer Service and Recycling

Sigh, it’s Sunday morning and I’m having a cup of coffee at the kitchen window in our townhome complex watching my neighbor Bob (not his real name) take out his recycling.  639 more words


On Bottled Water—an open letter to my darling wife シ

I’m so thankful to you for constantly reminding us about water conservation and touting that we’re under drought level four conditions. And forupbraiding  799 more words


A Business That Recycles Computers & Technological Equipment

Most small businesses want to save the environment by recycling technological and computer based equipment.  Indeed, for many companies it is now a legal requirement to dispose of computers/electronic equipment safely and properly.   346 more words

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Excuses, Excuses – Disclaiming De-cluttering?

Everyone who plans to de-clutter their home thinks of excuses.  These can be anything from:

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