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Cans o' Worms!

I’m fortunate enough to live in a building with a compost chute, so it’s easy for me to dispose of my kitchen scraps even though I live in the middle of a large city. 109 more words

Shrink That Footprint

Ban Plastic Pollution

Plastic is a multifold problem: first, there is the large carbon footprint generated by producing disposable plastic. Second, there is the plastic pollution that kills wildlife, pollutes water, and clogs landfills (which are already a huge producer of the potent greenhouse gas methane). 15 more words

Shrink That Footprint

Go pick the low hanging fruit - Part 1, Waste

We are very fortunate this week to have hosted NZ’s foremost climate scientist James Renwick in a public talk on climate change. James’s talk covered… 622 more words

Social Good

Efficiency Is Part Of The Profitability Equation

“Efficiency, i.e., the minimization of wasted byproducts, or their profitable deployment as supply stock in another facet of the enterprise’s operations, is one of the keys to lasting success in any business. 36 more words

Going Green Part II - Lowering your household waste

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, every Australian contributes around two tonnes of waste each year. That is a lot. Like a crazy amount. We all know that we should be trying to lower our household waste – and our waste in general, but let’s tackle one thing at a time. 1,299 more words

Going Green

The Verdict is in . . .

It has been a few months since I have tried to become more conscious of waste, plastic, and consumerism. The journey has been an interesting one so far. 642 more words

Replacing the conventional small-format plastic packaging with edible and biodegradable material (seaweed)

  1. Sustainability Problem: Reducing plastic waste is a dilemma. It is something that most consumers want to do but find it hard to do so. That is because plastic is readily available, cheap, convenient and durable.
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Energy/Water & Waste Management