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5 things you can do to reduce waste and recycle (infographic)

What can you do to reduce waste and recycle? Find out what you should be doing and then keep doing it because recycling is here to stay. 420 more words


An Expensive Lesson

When disreputable people understand us better than we understand ourselves, we can be easily manipulated. This principle is used by the marketing industry. All human beings are born with a holy longing but can be distracted to fill that longing with the wrong things. 70 more words


Some Serious Questions for Congress They Will not Answer

Our founding fathers built the United States with the intention that government would serve the people of the new nation; all of the people. They instituted a ‘Democratic Republic.’ The idea was that the populous would elect men who would represent their needs and desires in the nation’s capital. 623 more words

More composting to turn food scraps into fertiliser

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

The idea of giving raw vegetable scraps to worms which then “poo” out nutrient-rich fertiliser was so fascinating that gardening enthusiast Robin Rheaume, 51, decided to try it out last year. 2,646 more words

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What Some People Consider a Waste of Money

The Reddit community asked users: “What do you consider a total waste of money that a lot of society doesn’t?” Some of the responses will have you reconsidering how you spend your money! 186 more words