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Twitch Streamer Swatted While Playing Pokémon Go Outside

(Source: kotaku.com)

Normally, parks are a great place to chill and capture lots of monsters within Pokémon Go. This particular excursion, however, ended with cops pointing guns at a Pokémon Go player instead. 266 more words


Britain, Brexit and Food Waste solutions

In Britain, 162 million edible bananas are thrown out each year. Supermarket chain Sainsbury’s has found that one in three people bin bananas if there is a single bruise or mark on the skin. 168 more words


Nutrition: Are You Throwing Away Some of the Most Nutrient Rich Parts of Your Food?

Often we throw away the parts of our fruits and veggies that have just as much or more nutrition than the part we typically eat! 725 more words


Online Body Measurements to Reduce Energy Use

Problem: Textile and Energy Waste due to Improper Body Measurements  

Online retailers use a lot of energy when it comes to shipping and reshipping items that don’t fit their customers properly or due to material quality satisfaction, and customer’s just not liking what is sent to them. 254 more words

Energy/Water & Waste Management

Guilt-free festival homes

For all the festival goers this summer, as well as anyone who’d like to camp for a few days without having to clean up after themselves, here’s KarTent. 112 more words