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15-27 SEGMENT 1: Refuse Workers, The Dangers of Trash


Synopsis: Most people don’t think much about what happens to their trash after they set it at the curb. But day in and day out, refuse workers have the most dangerous municipal job, with more injuries than police or firefighters. 2,364 more words

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The work of microbes (bacteria, moulds, fungi, worms, insects etc) has been recognised as a fabulous way to convert waste into nutrient enriched mulch or soil conditioner, and composting is now quite an industry in the garden. 672 more words

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Zero waste

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Designer: Karolin Kõrge

Categories: Clothing | Technology | Product Design

Year: 2031- 2040

Overview: Zero waste is a trendy wardrobe that never goes out of style. 120 more words

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Crusade Against Consumerism

You know what I’m mad about? I’m mad about all of these treadmills. There is so much machinery around me now that it is physically upsetting. 469 more words


Homemade Crackers For Plastic Free July

It’s Plastic Free July! This month, the folk at Plastic Free July are challenging people to avoid single use plastic for a day, a week or a month. 1,138 more words


OBEO food waste box

Say bye bye to smells, mess and bin juice! And say hello to fuss-free recycling. Obeo is a compostable food waste box that goes straight in the brown bin when it’s full. 57 more words

Not Just a Cool Looking Shoe...

I’m a big fan of recycling and think everyone should do it. I’ll actually go a step further and say that it should be made compulsory in those areas that it’s not (I’m talking to you Hong Kong Government.) Most people in developed countries these days are very aware of waste issues and the majority recycle in some form or another, but there is still significant room for improvement. 274 more words