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Transition pathways for achieving bioenergy target

The European Commission research programs in partnership with Udayana University and the Indonesia Climate Change Trust Fund recently conducted an international workshop in Bali to discuss a wide range of issues related to bioenergy. 822 more words


Olive Pomace Waste Patented as Substrate for Mushroom Growth

The product, obtained from one of the residues left over after the crushing and extraction of olive oil in mills, is marketed by the company as a fertilizer in bags which also contain mushrooms. 295 more words

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Fresh Kills - Transforming a notorious landfill from awfulness to awesomeness

At 2200 acres, the Fresh Kills Landfill on Staten Island in New York City was once the largest landfill in the world. Begun in 1947 it was the first landfill in operation in the United States. 171 more words


Christmas Decoration Competition 2016

Library staff were challenged to design and create a Christmas tree decoration using only items that would normally be thrown away or recycled within the library.

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When I was a new driver, the speed limit on the highway was 55.

But I was a new driver, and enjoyed speed. So I routinely went 20 or so miles over the speed limit. 250 more words

Myanmar Handmade Oval waste basket made by Rattan

This waste basket is made from Myanmar so it is one of the made in Myanmar product. The raw material of this basket is Rattan.


On the topic of "stuff" and "waste"

Since the beginning of 2011, the start of my teaching career, I have moved house five times. With each move, I have been afforded the opportunity to go through my possessions and keep them to a minimum, with the aim of making the packing and moving process as painless as it can be. 722 more words