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Quality junk

I’ve been too busy lately. I did a yard sale on Saturday, and those are always a lot of work (roughly nine hours without a real break in this case). 906 more words

Why Mobile Food Ordering Apps should not be the future of Food Delivery

As we have been going through our 2 week challenge, we have stopped using mobile food ordering applications such as Swiggy, Zomato, Fasoos, FoodPanda, and more. 457 more words

Journey Begins

Zero Waste: The Compost Bins Have Arrived!

HAPPY TUESDAY, Y’ALL! I’m gonna write a quick post just to share my joy about this morning. We finally received our compost bins and we’re so excited to move forward with the #zerowaste movement at home :) 292 more words


Food Consumerism Marketing and Branding

In my opinion, consumerism is the idea that consumers’ desire for specific goods and/or services should increase and, as a result, actual purchasing of the goods and/or services should increase. 909 more words

Open House at SIWMF

Open House weekend in London gives people the chance to unlock the doors of some of the city’s most iconic buildings. You could get into the Treasury, discover the Gherkin or  delve into the Royal Courts of Justice. 337 more words


Everything about Radioactive (Nuclear) Waste

What is it?

Nuclear waste is ‘no longer useful’ material that has been contaminated by radioactive substance in liquid, gas or solid. Nuclear waste is classified as high, intermediate or low level. 362 more words


Biodegradable Eco-bags

  1. Sustainability Problem: Waste is a recurring problem that has persisted through decades of innovation towards unnatural manufacturing and processes. Delving deeper, plastic waste is a big issue because they do not degrade easily.
  2. 167 more words
Energy/Water & Waste Management