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Reducing food waste: Getting Singaporeans to embrace 'ugly food'

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

SINGAPORE: More than 790,000 tonnes of food waste was generated in Singapore last year – almost the equivalent of throwing away two bowls of rice every day. 1,199 more words

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How to Freeze Food Without Using Plastic

When I post pictures of my jar-filled freezer on social media, I get lots of questions about it, usually along the following lines:

Zero Waste

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Is it possible to freeze food without plastic? Is it safe and what kind of foods can you actually freeze? The Zero Waste Chef talks about this and some great idea's in her latest blog. 20161021-freeze_food

Biomass Plant: Ebonyi State Wants To Generate 5.5mw Electricity From Waste Materials

​We heard that Ebonyi State governor is making plans to buy a 5.5-megawatt biomass plant to generate electricity.

We’re told the purchase is coming from Germany and that the 5.5-megawatt biomass plant would utilize rice husk and other available waste materials to generate electricity. 147 more words


War and Love

Scrap paper. Sure.

Printed, shredded, some

Notes jotted down.

Canon laserjet printer

Fallen off the deck of

An aircraft carrier.

Grey, chipped, buoyed

by a flotilla of other machines. 103 more words

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Cheese and Tomato Scrambled Eggs

Cheese is also up there as one of the most wasted foods in the UK.* I also find that we buy too many tomatoes at home and some of them end up going a bit soft, on the verge of going off. 341 more words


Cutting Out Unnecessary Waste

So I’ve been on YouTube a fair amount recently, and since I look at a lot of things to do with veganism and living a cruelty free lifestyle, I also get recommendations to a lot of environmentally friendly channels. 567 more words