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The Urea Cycle

Hi, guys! I’m back with a heavily-edited version of a post I wrote last week! This one’s on a really fun subject—the synthesis of urea! You know you’re gonna love it. 1,176 more words


two-fold: XX

Hmm; best be quick with the wit or the apocalypse of “climate change” may button the lip! Ah, the fodder of fools makes haste to lay waste the coming end of enormous bad taste. Gee, ma; the ice-man cometh?

'Are You Gonna Eat That?'

On Monday, the dining hall measured the amount of food wasted by students during peak dining hours, and recorded that 220 pounds were wasted at that time. 249 more words


Less Trash Tuesday: Save Money with Compost-able Holiday Decor

What if people REALLY are SO lazy that they cannot be “inconvenienced” to do something to help THEIR environment?  What if people think it’s truly THAT difficult to institute small changes in their daily behaviors in order to make a big difference?   55 more words


Life In A Tent

This month I moved with my small son into a tent on a community. After a trial week living in a three room nylon tent, I ordered a… 757 more words

Principles And Ethics