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Senator Moves to Rein In $600 Million Government Agency That Operates ‘Without Real Congressional Oversight’  

from The Daily Signal, by Kelsey Harkness, May 2015

In an attempt to enforce transparency and accountability, a Republican seator is attempting to restructure a federal agency that oversees a wide range of consumer financial products. 199 more words


City of San Jacinto, and they're complete waste of taxpayer funds.

I live in the City of San Jacinto, CA.  The city here is basically broke.  They wanted more tax revenue, so they threatened the people of the city with less fire and police protection, and closing of parks, to get us to vote to give them more money.  704 more words


One Marine's View: I ended the Iraqi war,but its not my fault ISIS is here (tell it to the dead warriors parents) - Memorial Day Series

Quote from the Article…

After 4,486 U.S. soldiers died in Iraq and 2,345 U.S. soldiers died in Afghanistan (under this administrations watch), 1 million U.S. soldiers wounded in both wars, and a potential cost of up to $6 trillion, a new group like ISIL now causes havoc in the Middle East because we left early and have all but seized offensives in Afghanistan.

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"Eye On The News"

The value of entertainment


What is the value ?   People have to watch their favorite TV show, American Idol, Survivor, or their team’s football game.  They literal feel they have to watch it.  615 more words


Energy Seeping Ignorance

Few weeks ago my friends and I were talking about electricity saving and I mentioned that my ex-flatmate used to leave this TV light on all the time. 359 more words


An Even Better Way to Build Wicking Garden Beds - A Cracker of an Idea!!

From challenges, great ideas can come!!

One of the Green Square, community’s raised garden beds, has deteriorated – to the point it needs to be replaced.  346 more words

Growing Fruit & Veg

New Rochelle Columbus Students are making a huge difference

Introducing Sustainability Education and Source Separation to a school is a massive undertaking because of the sheer number of  stakeholders. Think about it, changing behavior from “throwing it all away” to “responsibly sorting” in a building that has 1,100 people zooming through it at all times is huge! 430 more words