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Harder Better Faster Stronger

There is so much stuff. In the world, in production, in a hole in the ground waiting for a new suburb to be built on top, and in my house. 97 more words


Rethink Food Waste Challenge: Week 1

It’s Sunday night, and the first food waste weigh-in has been done.

The results (sorry, USA, this is going to be metric. A reminder, 1 lb = 454 grams): 397 more words


Landfill oh Landfill

They’re digging a mass grave for our ancient dead,

lining it with a polymeric geomembrane,
linear low density polyethylene;

a shroud woven from
the remnants of the Old Ones… 157 more words


Black Soldier Flies

They’re here!! Yesterday we received our order of black soldier fly larvae, and I am SO EXCITED!!

I had never heard of these things before they showed up in our Portland compost bin a few years ago, so I have to assume that some other folks haven’t heard of them, either. 435 more words

Homestead Life

What happens after we use it?

What happens after we use that toy, book, t-shirt or mattress?

We could throw it in the trash and send it to a landfill somewhere. 125 more words

OFO Bicycles | Share or Shame?

In January 2018 OFO launched their “bike share” scheme in Sheffield.

The bikes do not have docking stations and the scheme works in conjunction with a phone app.   454 more words