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7 ways Australia could build relations with India to balance China

While it is true that India is not just another China, there is a good risk management case for improving Australia’s trade and diplomatic relations with India. 247 more words

Project Rescue Series: Portfolio Size

Companies are faced with a need to constantly be evolving and improving in order to effectively respond to the market. This pressure to evolve usually results in a long list of projects the company wants to complete in order to stay competitive, improve profitability, or respond to regulations. 901 more words

Project Management

The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself

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It is easier to be someone you are not than to be your real self. You can’t be your real self if you are not true to yourself. 174 more words

Personal Development

Collateral for Convenience: How Plastic Pollution is Killing Our Oceans

The amount of plastic we are consuming is growing and, if projections are correct, will continue to rise over the coming decades. Between the early 1950s when plastic production first began and now, we’ve consumed more than… 1,036 more words


Couture of Conscious

Face masks can be uncomfortable. They can be sweaty and hot, they block the laugh, cover the kiss and stifle the smile. I don’t enjoy wearing them in public, but… face masks save lives. 459 more words

Waste Collection Melbourne ✔️: Private Bins Better Than Council Service?

Waste collection Melbourne: we examine whether commercial collections through Waster can be better for your business than council services.

#WasteCollection #Melbourne #wastemanagement #recycling #waster read the full post here… 10 more words


Pollution in the countryside


There are many standards to which people measure the “progress” of a society of civilizations.
Most of these standards come from a perspective of domination over nature such as income and wealth, military powers, architecture, infrastructure, resource production and industrialization, technological advancement, and so on. 611 more words