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Let's talk about food packaging

Did you ever noticed that when you come back home from your grocery shopping, half of the weight of your bags is going straight to the trash? 733 more words


Food Waste

So food and waste (and food waste) have been spoken about a couple of times in the last few weeks and to me, it sort of of boils down to a couple of key issues: overpopulation, lack of education and, frankly, laziness. 567 more words

Urban Sustainability

Anthropocene Adjustments: Discarding the Technosphere

By Jesse Peterson and Alex Zahara

The labeling of the ‘Anthropocene’ as a geological epoch—or possibly an extinction event—refers to the current era where human-made processes have changed planetary cycles for climate, ocean currents, and mineral circulation, among others. 2,569 more words


Bin collections delayed next week

A reminder from the council’s press office:

Refuse and recycling collections will be one day late across Richmondshire district next week – because of the second May bank holiday.

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'Actually, nevermind'

Person: hey I have to tell you something

Me: Yeah, sure. What’s up?

Person: *rambles on and on before actual interesting part* …actually yknow what, nevermind.

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May 2016

Too Many Words Wasted

Too many words wasted
Attempting to glamorize heartbreak
We need to focus on love
If only for our own sake


Only so little left! Celebrating a 98% diversion into recycling

Diverting 98% of school lunchroom waste into recycling is now normal at the Westchester Schools that are running the We Future Cycle recycling program. This is what came out of a school with over 1000 students every day. 81 more words