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Saving the planet, one innovation at a time

This is a video of a new process that turns waste plastic into one of the components used in road building:

This is what I call innovation. 16 more words


Being Pescetarian - 3 tips for minimizing waste

The cheapest, best way to buy fish, is to buy it whole and fillet it yourself. On average 40% of the fish is thrown away, including the guts, head, skin and bones….but lots can be done with this! 469 more words


Numerous Unnecessary Wedding Paper Goods

If you have not planned a wedding in the past 10 years, do you have any idea how many wedding paper products the wedding industry wants you to buy? 404 more words


Seeking waste solutions in the Maldives

Whilst most of staff and students had a relaxing Easter break, three Engineering and Environment researchers spent part of their break in the Maldives. Rather than being on holiday enjoying the ‘sunny side of life’ as the Maldivian tourist industry would say, they experienced the opposite, by analysing waste at an open dump. 340 more words


Green Documentaries: Plastic China

Welcome to the land of “Plastic China.” As the world’s biggest plastic waste importer, China receives ten million tons per year from most of the developed countries around the world. 341 more words


Writing is nearly complete!

We are so close to the end now. I’ve been spending the last couple days sat indoors putting the final bits together: writing extra thoughts; proofreading and editing everything; ensuring I’m making sense and essentially condensing my previous rambles down to an affordable size – the cost of printing is sadly enormous, already resulting in minimal copies for this first round of printing. 150 more words