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Are Video Games Luring Men From the Workforce?

The title of this post is identical to the title of an article by Ana Swanson in the 24 September issue of the Washington Post.  It begins with the story of a high school graduate who has dropped out of the workforce because he finds little satisfaction in the part-time, low wage jobs he’s had since graduating from high school.  415 more words

Transactive Memory

Caught, in the Net of Youth

Caught, in the net of youth, we thought, we’d never, get released by youth, but, we were, because getting older, losing everything we are familiar with, is merely only, an eventuality… 172 more words

Experiences Of Life

The Price of Catching Pokémons, Your Youth

Written by an economics professor here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Since the cell phone game app of Pokémon Go became available for download here in Taiwan, everybody here is getting very much into it.   687 more words

Experiences Of Life

Sun Gone Nova

A dream of passion in my youth,
a beauty, a dream, a distorted truth.
She was the sun I spun around.
Her voice the most glorious sound. 107 more words


Wasted Youth

This feeling that I wasted my youth, NY childhood. I mean I genuinely have blank feelings towards my childhood, for whatever reason. Just blankness, no fun. 86 more words

Thoughts And Life

What am I, a clown ? ( novel excerpt, first draft )

“Ok” he says, ” see you there at 6″ and hangs upI just have the afternoon to survive. Four more hours and perhaps forty more calls. 823 more words