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Our stock market.

How the hell does our generation live?

All we do is talk about food, and restaurants and how this place gives ‘amaaaaaazing’ pasta for a hundred bucks and how that place gives burgers that are brilliant and how we tripped so much one night and how we got sloshed and we went to Lavasa on a bike and came back and how I got a new mobile phone and how I had a long walk till Inorbit at three in the morning listening to this new album that Porcupine Tree just came out with and how I had chai at a tapri then. 262 more words

Gulal Salil

King Arthur, the Millenial

Is it wrong to expect that when a parent leaves the home at 6 am and doesn’t return until 5:30-6 PM Monday through Friday to provide for her kids food, shelter, Netflix and cable that those same kids (15 and 19 years old- one of which is a… 440 more words


W is for Wasted Youth

When I was in eighth grade I went to Royal Palm Junior High here in Phoenix. The 1982-83 school year was the first year that school was a junior high and my homeroom teacher was also my English teacher. 422 more words


Forgive me fitness, for I have sinned (already)

Forgive me fitness for I have sinned.  It has been a whopping 5 days since I made the vow to become soda-celibate.

Wow, that’s right. I Made it an entire 5… 180 more words




There would always be

Those escaped inspirations

That continued to swim freely in the oceans, enticing

Those young harpoons

To waste their youthful years away… 30 more words

Creative Writing

Can't believe I will be 40 tomorrow!

I remember thinking that I could not wait to be old enough to drive.  THIS would become my crowning moment.  To turn “Sweet 16″ would be a pivotal time- enabling me to have a small taste of freedom via my first car, a 1979 Ford F150.   601 more words


Searching for inspiration

What do you do when you have no idea who you are? I have delusions of building an empire, but I have no idea how, and I feel like I should be writing but am uninspired. 654 more words