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Malaga: D*Face - 'Wasted Youth' @ CAC Malaga

CAC Málaga, in collaboration with the British Council, recently opened up the first solo exhibition in Spain from D*Face (see the studio visit here). The London-based artist’s work was seen for the first time in Málaga in 2013 when he created an immense mural for the MAUS Project (covered) along with Shepard Fairey. 77 more words



And so I stood there,
Palms wide open into the air
Waiting for God’s kiss
Waiting for the wise one’s blessing.
They promised heaven and bliss… 43 more words

What We Are

R.I.P. Flesh For Lulu's Nick Marsh passes away June 5, 2015

When I think back of my teenage years and the music that went with it few songs instantly come to mind…”I Go Crazy” by Flesh For Lulu is one of them. 69 more words

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Sad news of the passing an 80's guilty pleasure.

When Will It All End?

All I truly want is for me and my fiance to be happy together and have an amazing life. Right now all we have is each other and no certain goals for the future, but sometimes the love of your life is all you need. 186 more words


Don't Grow Up

I’ve always hated the thought of growing up and having to make important decisions on my own. No one likes being told what to do, but sometimes it’s easier when you have no goals. 54 more words



For as long as I can remember, I’ve always felt like I can never be happy for too long. Like I’m not sad, because I have nothing to be sad about. 71 more words



I really hate it when I get anxiety out of nowhere when I’m around a bunch of people. I start to feel overwhelmed, like I need to just get out of there. 61 more words