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The Most Outrageous Government Scam Of 2014

By Stephen Moore ~

For outrageous government scam of the year, it’s hard to compete with the news of the supersized public-employee pensions in California. If you haven’t already heard: In 2013, an assistant fire chief in Southern California collected a $983,319 pension last year. 845 more words

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12 Days Of Waste-Mas

By Romina Boccia ~

The Christmas season is on and shoppers are out in full force. This means nothing for Washington. Here, Santa Claus seems to hand out gifts all year long. 645 more words

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Let's Get Government Out Of The Charity Business

By Star Parker ~

The story is told that when Tennessee frontiersman Davy Crockett served in the US Congress (between 1827 and 1835) he voted for a bill appropriating $20,000 for relief for victims of a fire that broke out in Georgetown. 662 more words

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The BLM's Whitewash of the Reveille Wild Horse Roundup

Debbie Coffey    Copyright 2014      All Rights Reserved.


Don’t forget that the BLM is managing the wild horses and burros to extinction.

Don’t forget the BLM is doing little to reduce or suspend livestock grazing on public lands.

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Members Of Congress Won't Read This Bill

By Amy Payne ~

Passing bills to find out what’s in them… that was so 2010, right?

Sadly, no.

Any day now, Congress is likely to release the trillion-dollar Trojan horse that is the spending bill for 2014. 327 more words

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In the city of Sandy Springs, government didn't build it!

As the city of Detroit faces bankruptcy, many of us wonder if this will be a trend of our cities that are also riddled with an ever-expanding government.   290 more words