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Tom Price, Kellyanne Conway and others at the Monsters' Ball

If there were a person undeserving of public honor, Kellyanne Conway is she. Ms. Conway didn’t get dragged into anything. In fact, all of the cronies have to have known that the expensive skulking off on a private plane, billed to taxpayers, was unethical. 59 more words

Agency Development

Insert your own Get Smart "Cone of Silence" Joke Here

At least, that’s what we taxpayers are funding at the EPA.

From Steve Benen at The Maddow blog.


Cory Bernardi slams wasteful foreign spending in the Senate — Aussie Conservative Blog

The Aussie Conservative Blog supports the tenacious, principled, consistently conservative political activism of Cory Bernardi, along with his Australian Conservatives party. And in his recent speech, Bernardi is more than correct: how can a nation continue to fund futile, globalist economic endeavours, while we are incapable of pulling our own finances into order?

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Aussie Conservative Blog

Federal Government Spends $144 Billion in 2017 on Improper Payments

Improper payments along with duplicate spending could push the total to around $350 Billion. 282 more words


Why did you spend $168,442 on coffee and lunch?

If you have ever read, “The Millionaire Next Door,” you would know that one of the most important habits of the wealthy is that they track their expenses. 312 more words


How much is that shiny new car really costing you?

Why do so many people put off investing, but don’t think twice about taking out a car loan? So many people will delay retirement contributions, yet have two brand new cars parked in the garage of their 3,000-square foot house. 241 more words

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