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Water purification in a slope stabilisation project

Within the construction sector, a wide variety of containment and stabilisation systems for slopes and hillsides have been used over time to address the problems of landslides and collapses of large land masses. 261 more words


Making the most of our water

Water will always be a valuable resource in the Desert Southwest. In 1977, the Town of Marana, in fact, incorporated largely to protect water rights for agricultural use and future residents. 369 more words


Water on Earth Initiative

The ‘Water on Earth (WOE) Initiative’ is being launched by Carnegie Mellon Grad, Aakansha Vishnoi, with an aim to collaborate with educators worldwide to raise awareness on water issues.



Water 4.0

Water 4.0: The Past, Present, and Future of the World’s Most Vital Resource

by David Sedlak

David Sedlak is a professor of environmental engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. 972 more words

Book Review

Turbidity in waste water

Turbidity is an optical property that broadly describes the clarity or cloudiness of water. It is related to colour, but has more to do with the loss of transparency due to the effect of suspended particles and colloidal material. 239 more words


The mechanism of coagulation and flocculation

An essential step in the decontamination of water is clarification, which is the physical-chemical process aimed at removing the particles (suspended solids) that cloud water by precipitating them in the form of sludge. 225 more words


ODNR Issues Permit for K&H 3 Injection Well Without Considering Concerns

A Story of Lies and Willful Ignorance

By Bernhard Debatin

According to a report in the Athens News from March 25, 2015, ODNR has permitted the third K&H injection well, located at the… 1,445 more words

Community Disruption