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Wastewater | Petaluma

 Wastewater and sewage disposal come with quite a few rules regulations to meet compliance.  If you need help with system design and testing to make sure that Petaluma business is up to code, the civil engineers at Adobe Associates can help!

Wastewater | Sebastopol

Do you have concerns about wastewater, Sebastopol residents?  Before trying to tackle the project yourself, it is important to understand the many rules and regulations that go with wastewater management.   22 more words

Identification and quantification of microplastics in wastewater using focal plane array-based reflectance micro-FT-IR imaging

Microplastics (<5 mm) have been documented in environmental samples on a global scale. While these pollutants may enter aquatic environments via wastewater treatment facilities, the abundance of microplastics in these matrices has not been investigated. 98 more words


Not so Waste(ed) Water

Reusing waste water isn’t a new thing. Several agencies have treated sewer water to use in various ways. For example, both El Paso and San Antonio inject their treated effluent water into the ground to recharge aquifers. 338 more words


Wastewater Certification Board − Announcement of Term Expirations

The Certification and Licensing Branch wants to make you aware that the Kentucky Board of Certification of Wastewater System Operators has two board member positions whose terms are set to expire August 31, 2015. 364 more words


NEW PRODUCT! Heat Recovery in the Shower

So much energy goes down the drain during every shower!

New Zealand homes account for about 12% of the country’s total energy use. In 2008, $2.5 billion was spent by households just on electricity, and 30% of this simply goes down the drain as hot water. 140 more words


When water treatment engineering first evolved in the early part of the twentieth century, its main goal was to ensure that infectious organisms in drinking water supplies were removed or inactivated. 689 more words

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