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Wastwater, England

I once brought up Port Isaac and how fantastical it was. I also brought up how it was one of the random pictures that show up on my Windows 10 lock screen. 366 more words


Climbers of the Lake District

We’d stopped for lunch in what felt like a toothless gap along a craggy ridge of the mountains. Two walkers were descending from the peak to our left and I couldn’t help but study them as they made their way down. 46 more words


The veins of Wast Water

I took this photo walking from Bowerdale, nestled on the banks of Wast Water to Gosforth Crag Moss. Giant networks of streams running down the mossy slopes of this valley all join and meet lower down, forming these great waterfalls all the way to Wast Water. 23 more words


CWW: Beside the Lake

Follow the lane as it wends its way through craggy hills, sodden earth beneath your feet and deep waters at your side. With each step feel your cares tumble loose, descending like scree into the lake’s inky depths. 70 more words


A cautionary tale ...

I was asked for a picture of someone sampling diatoms to include in a presentation this week and dug out the image above, one of my favourites, taken by my son Edward when he joined me on a sampling trip to the Lake District some years ago.   885 more words