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Eveline, Will and Suzanne

Without a Country is the story of families struggling to survive while caught in the whirlwind of the Civil War.  The citizens of Watauga County, North Carolina were a curious lot.  213 more words
Civil War

Meet the Grand Parents


Meet the Grandparents – Jeremiah Clark and wife Mary Ann.  In our story – “Without a Country” – they are grandparents of a large family that moved to the Valle Crucis area of Watauga County, North Carolina in the 1840’s.   358 more words
Civil War

The Price of Salt

Without a Country –  Suzanne, Eveline and Kate made the 70 mile trip to Saltville, Virginia and experienced a world unlike anything they had seen before.   369 more words
Civil War

Off to Saltville

Without a Country – Our story continues at the home of Will and Suzanne.  They were running out of salt and couldn’t get salt through the Watauga County distribution system.  333 more words

Without a Country - We Need Salt!

Salt.  It’s on french fries and potato chips.  It’s used to season soups, vegetables, meats, and many other things we cook.  We use it to melt ice… 347 more words
Civil War

Without A Country - The Bear and the Panther

Without A Country is the story of Will and Suzanne Clark as they dealt with the challenges of life during the Civil War.  They lived in Watauga County, North Carolina, a mountain area that bordered with Tennessee.   290 more words
Civil War