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Oh, OkCupid. You know me so well.

OkCupid, the online dating site I joined to be sexually rejected by the dregs of society, has a lame feature called Quickmatch. It’s basically the web equivalent of speed dating, but without all the hassle of leaving your… 478 more words


These fairy TAILS have very happy endings

Thanks to a lovely stroll down memory lane courtesy of Runaway Sentence, it has come to my attention that it’s Children’s Book Week.

The revelation, however, left me stumped: How can I, a 29-year-old single mother of cats, commemorate this seven-day stretch promoting the literacy of our children? 708 more words


The wins beneath my wings

Meet the winners of my 100th comment contest:


For starters, we should all feel betrayed because her name isn’t “Elle.” I mean, jeez, you think you know a person when she randomly wins a half-ass contest on the blog you write semi-anonymously, and then next thing you know, … 712 more words


Of the 6,692,030,277 humans on Earth as of 2008, not one wants to share VD with me

Bonjour, reader.

I say “reader,” because at this point I’m certain I have only one, and it is I. And because I’m a newspaper copy editor and write grammatically correct phrases such as “it is I,” one reader may be my peak. 525 more words