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Kids’ TV doesn’t get much more retro than this.

This episode of Andy Pandy, and Watch With Mother, was first broadcast in 1952 – perhaps why we almost let them get away with such an archaic name for a show. 19 more words

Kids Tv

Biting the hand that TV feeds.

Paul Klee insisted that you could only change the system from within.

Frankie Boyle insists you can only criticise the system from without.

Inside the system, you can be the brightest shiniest apple, sporting an award for the apple most likely to be given to teacher… and within days you’re in the hand of a crone being handed to a pretty dark-haired girl who skivvies for seven dwarves. 570 more words

Child Sex Abuse

The Flowerpot Men.

Who remembers these cheeky little guys?  Do you remember their names?


What did I miss by being born?

There was a small piece in the Guardian today about the new BBC Genome Project.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this is not an attempt by the Beeb to involve itself in the scientific mapping of human existence. 958 more words

The Goggle-Box

Man Flu


I’m not well! Beri-Beri, or galloping brain fever. (Stop boasting; you haven’t got one. EdZilla) Perhaps just a hint of Swine fever. I could be dying! 760 more words

Wry Observations

Here’s One We Made Earlier: The story of BBC Children’s broadcasting told in new exhibition at The Lowry in Salford

The story of BBC Children’s broadcasting – past, present and future – is told in a new, free exhibition opening at The Lowry this Saturday. (19 July) 297 more words