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Decades - The 1960's "The Beginning"

Decades – The 1960’s The Beginning

The changing world of the 1960s was when I made my first appearance in society a society that had just been shocked by recent assassination of Americas president John F Kennedy in Dallas. 585 more words

Life & Times

Andy Pandy and the BBC

This Christmas annual was published in 1960 linked to the successful toddlers television programme Andy Pandy. Anthony Sargeant found it among some boxes of books that he bought at auction to donate to the Oxfam bookshop. 103 more words

Anthony Sargeant

Fiction Month: Renaissance.

      Fiction month concludes today with an extra story-dedicated to anyone who, like myself was a child of the fifties when television was in its infancy and children’s programmes reflected the times. 1,004 more words

Andy Pandy a classic BBC Children's Television programme from the 1950s

This Annual was found by Anthony Sargeant in among a group of books that he bought at auction in order to donate them to an OXFAM bookshop. 57 more words

Anthony Sargeant


Bod was a BBC1 children’s television programme first shown in 1975. There are only 13 episodes which were based on the four original Bod books by Joanne and Michael Cole. 248 more words


Victoria Wood Eulogy

A 20th Century Dickens, a Working-Class Feminist and Someone You Could Watch With Mother!


“I’ve scoured this store from top to bottom, can I find a side-winding thermal body belt? 953 more words

Charles Dickens