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My Top Five Favourite Websites

My top five favourite websites are:

1. facebook.com

Probably a lot of people’s most visited website if not their favourite. I use it to help me keep in contact with friends from back home during term time and be able to see what everyone is doing. 138 more words


Kidd Russell

Hey the song of the day is Kidd Russell.  I found them on Nick’s podcast Is This Thing On? What a great fucking podcast that is all I can say.  125 more words

Yo VIP Let's Kick It

First off the song of the day, last one for the week.

Secondly here are the songs for this week. In case you missed it, the links are below. 324 more words

8 Days a week, and no Post

Sorry for the lack of posting over the past little bit.  It’s been quite busy for this fat little lad.  I was going to post yesterday, however the shinternet crapped out, and I couldn’t get on.  207 more words


Wow, this week has totally flown by.  One thing that helps the days go by are podcasts.  Yeah, I actually hardly ever listen to music anymore.   309 more words

It's Been Crazy

Well I see it’s been since June 15th since I made a post.  WTF is up with that?  I have no idea, but the main reason is for the transition onto the podcast, which may or may not being listened to.  350 more words

Podcast number 6

After many failed, drunken attempts last night I have finally recorded and edited Podcast number 6 of Is This Thing On.

People I mentioned were, in no particular order Matt Blake, … 92 more words

Is This Thing On Podcast