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Into the 

Poet’s sky blue eyes 

She gazed

Mesmerized through 

The looking

Glass she stepped into

The land of 

Daydreams slipped into



Caught In Her Own Web

Into her web of feminine 

Sexuality she drew me like a spider 

Draws a fly into her parlor 

As we gazed into each other’s eyes… 54 more words


The Wrong Path

Unaware that she had taken the wrong path back to the houseboat Laverne walked with her head down in order to keep from being blinded by the all too bright sunlight. 369 more words

Creative Writing

Winter coming, put on your coat!

Bear market in property and stocks is coming soon next year, start to hibernate and wake up when all is woe and fear.

Watch Your Step

Friday the 13th

It’s October, it’s getting chilly and Halloween is quickly approaching. To further the spooky mood today is Friday the 13th. The day where spilling salt, walking under ladders and having a black cat cross your path is especially taboo. 209 more words


"WATCH YOUR STEP" Turns 10 & Record Fair. Weekender July 21st & July 22nd 2017

The mighty “Watch Your Step” will be celebrating it’s 10th Anniversary this July 21st & 22nd 2017 in Brisbane, Australia. An exceptional night run by the legends Paolo, Len-One & Gaz Saint that will feature Mod, Soul, Garage & Funk DJ’s from around the country joining forces to bring you the best in 45’s from their amazing and powerful collections. 71 more words


Yuuzoo's red flag

Yuuzoo ex financial controller and CFO are disputing Yuuzoo announcements that they had left because of “breach of employment contract”. It is too much of a coincidence that both left because of the same reason put out by the company. 19 more words

Watch Your Step