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CIC stake in noble proves that having china cornerstone investor is not safe either

Business times headline”SGX RegCo will require the participation of Chinese cornerstone investors or state-owned enterprises in future listings of China firms”

Well, i guess they never take into account of Noble group which is no S-chip, has a china cornerstone investor yet still is in tatters.

Watch Your Step

Watch Your Step

Joshua 7:3-4 3 They returned to Joshua and said to him, “Do not let all the people go up; only about two or three thousand men need go up to Ai; do not make all the people toil up there, for they are few.” 4 So about three thousand men from the people went up there, but they fled from the men of Ai.
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Trust God

Straco beware,you got competition in Shanghai

From Medium:

“Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park, which is slated to open in Pudong of August 2018 with exhibits spanning deep sea creatures, the polar region, a volcano, and yes, a mermaid bay, according to Shanghai Daily. 66 more words

Watch Your Step

Young adult life: Warning

It will be nearly impossible to work, go to school, maintain your relationships with family, friends, significant others, have time for yourself, pay your bills, eat, or nap. Good luck all.

2018 soothsaying

Happy New Year. 2017 has been a good year for most investors, speculators. Will 2018 turn out to be the same?

Here are my predictions (take it with a pinch of salt) 111 more words

Watch Your Step

Santas in the night.

There’s nothing like spending the holidays in a neighborhood that’s festive year round. Here in San Francisco’s North Beach, multi-colored lights permanently hang above Grant Avenue… 234 more words

Opposite Day

Winter coming, put on your coat!

Bear market in property and stocks is coming soon next year, start to hibernate and wake up when all is woe and fear.

Watch Your Step