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I love to go fast! I love to drive fast, I like to walk fast, I like to make quick decisions, I just like to live life in the fast lane! 192 more words

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Why Eu yan sang declaring rare 2.5cents interim dividend?

Eu yan sang just announced its result. Despite still having a weak balance sheet with November 2016 notes to be redeemed, it has instead chosen to declare a rare interim dividend of 2.5 cents. 86 more words

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Neratel sale of payment solution business, is it good?

Disclosure:I am vested in Neratel, so opinion will be biased.

I attended Neratel AGM yesterday, management seems quite confident of expanding the payment solution business(in fact, new subsidiaries were set up last year to expand this business segment), so i was surprised that today neratel announced that a third party has approached it to buy the payment solution business, though no agreement has been reached yet. 49 more words

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The Syncopated Walk: Early Irving Berlin (I)

Welcome to a new Musical Theatre Monday and the start of our first ever series of posts on the musical scores of Irving Berlin, a composer whose identity is inextricably linked with the definition of the American musical theatre! 589 more words


Guoco Tower Singapore tallest building TOP(Temporary Occupation Permit) in mid-2016-property bubble bursting

Guoco Tower, the upcoming tallest building will be issued TOP(Temporary Occupation Permit) in mid-2016. As the tallest building indicator matches with property burst, expect one happening in Singapore too.

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The real reason Straits times index is falling

Don’t be misled by the media hype of China slowdown, US interest rate rising, oil price falling. Not that they are not important but the real reason STI is falling is because the competitive advantage(moat) is narrower as big companies like the banks face competition from fintech, SGX face competition from new clearing houses and Singtel face competition from new telco player. 25 more words

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Lantrovison $3.25 offer

Disclaimer: I am vested in Lantrovision, so opinion will be biased.

A japanese company Mirait coprporation just offered $3.25 for Lantrovison shares subject to a scheme of arrangement of which the main condition is not less than 75% of shareholders holdings present or via proxy, voting in favour of the offer in an EGM to be held later. 95 more words

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