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I love you, beautiful wife. 

“Goodnight Lina, I love you,” I said, kissing her on the cheek.

“Goodnight, mommy. I love you, beautiful wife,” she replied.

My first reaction was to laugh, simply because my daughter calling me her wife is a funny concept. 561 more words



ne need only watch “13 Reasons Why” to understand the power behind words. They can show love or convey hatred. They have the ability to create life or destroy it. 945 more words

Watch your words, Preacher

I’ve heard more than one preacher start a statement with “I don’t know about you but…” If this post is mere personal preference, please pardon me for mentioning it, but this seems soft and/or uncertain. 56 more words


How Words, My Sister, and Mrs. Bessie Helped Me Work Through My Fear of Public Speaking

By Dawn Onley

My sister is running late. She’s always running late.

I look to see where we are on the program. After two more people, I’m next to go. 1,345 more words

A Reminder to all who Post on any Social Media Site

As you scroll through the many posts you either find  or post on your phone or your computer are checking through them to make sure they really are something that needs to be said?  192 more words

Spiritual Observations


Watch your WORDS!
Watch how others speak over you and into your life
Words are powerful, they can either build up or tear you down. 85 more words

From The Heart