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Bianca Mosca Alligator Watch Strap Promo

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Alligator Watch Straps For Summer

New Alligator Watch Straps That Are Designed Especially For Hot Weather

When the temperature is rising the last thing you need is a padded alligator leather watch strap sitting on a sweaty wrist. 225 more words

Bespoke Reverso From JLC

I’m a sucker for any type of customisation so when I heard that Jaeger-LeCoultre were introducing a new bespoke service for their iconic Reverso watch to celebrate 85 years since it’s introduction I was very excited. 52 more words

Android Wear gets a watch band standard via MODE — TechCrunch

Android Wear smartwatches come in many shapes and sizes — their watch bands, however, do not. Every manufacturer has their own set, and some have different bands for different watches.

37 more words

It's No Sweat: Best Watch Bands For Summer

When it’s 90 degrees outside the last thing you need on your wrist is a padded exotic leather watch band. It’s a bit like wearing a parka in a sauna. 148 more words

The Noel Coward Look

The 1920’s heralded a sea change in fashion, music and lifestyle culminating in the smooth refined aesthetic of the 1930’s much in the same way that the epoch of France’s Louis XV produced a richer and more sumptuous version of luxury living than that of his grandfather the Sun King, Louis IV. 231 more words


Watchband Calendar

Made my working horse a christmas present: my Laco Navy Special Series 0 gets a watchband calendar 2016 from Wolfgang Behr.

If you like watches then have a look at the post about my… 30 more words

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