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The value in personalization of expectant management strategies

A recent and truly excellent review in Nature Reviews: Urology offers us a very thoughtful set of insights on the role of “expectant” and “conservative” management (i.e., active surveillance and watchful waiting) in the care of men with prostate cancer today. 753 more words


Watchful Waiting as a Treatment Modality for Medical Conditions

Observation and monitoring (OAM) as a treatment modality for medical conditions means that an appproach of watchful waiting (WW) or watch and wait (WAW) or wait and see ((WAS) is utilized for a medical condition that will most likely or even may spontaneously resolve or regress.   518 more words

Watchful Waiting

PSA tests for prostate cancer are useful

Tests for prostate-specific antigen may not be perfect but in my case, results helped identify my prostate cancer. A sudden rise in my PSA levels was the first alarm to indicate that further testing was required. 488 more words


No pain, no gain?

To view this blog at my blog’s website where you can sign up to be notified and read other posts relevant to prostate cancer, click… 716 more words

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The Importance of Watchful Waiting for Ear Infections

No parent likes it when their child is sick but with back to school and flu season approaching, it is inevitable. As parents our inclination is to do whatever we can to make our children feel better as fast as possible. 213 more words

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Month 56 - Watchful Waiting Increases

I was struggling with a topic for this month’s post.  You read in my 54-month update that things are going well for me, and I hate sounding like a broken record month after month.   313 more words

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Expectant management is really "coming of age" in the USA

An excellent new review article in CA: A Cancer Journal of Clinicians, along with a research letter just published in the Journal of the American Medical Association… 564 more words