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Is there a trend away from aggressive treatment?

I haven’t written in awhile on DCIS because I have not seen anything new lately, but recently, a well-publicized article caught my attention. While the article focused on the mammogram debate, it also noted that there is new thinking on the DCIS front. 393 more words


Treating Prostate Cancer By Close Monitoring or ActiveSurveillance

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in older men and second most common cause of death due to cancer in men over the age of 50.  674 more words

It’s over. Donald Trump won the election. The press is as full of theorizing and bloviating as ever today about what will happen now. And yet the sun came up again this morning, the sky is blue and life goes on. 328 more words


CANCER: Merits of active surveillance - watchful waiting

The approach of active surveillance, which is increasingly common with prostate cancer patients, is becoming more frequently discussed as an option for selected patients with other types of slow-growing, early-stage cancers also.  81 more words

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Will Our Next President Be Capable Of "Masterly Inactivity"?

Even the birthers are likely to miss Barack Obama by this time next year, in part because we are unlikely to have a president capable of masterly inactivity. 232 more words

It was true 3 years ago, but is it still the case?

One of the problems with a lot of research is that it is out of date by the time it is published. The following example may be a classic case in point. 518 more words


The value in personalization of expectant management strategies

A recent and truly excellent review in Nature Reviews: Urology offers us a very thoughtful set of insights on the role of “expectant” and “conservative” management (i.e., active surveillance and watchful waiting) in the care of men with prostate cancer today. 753 more words