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They were so open. All of the good and evil was felt. Of now and past. There is only going to be more of it as history rolls out. 283 more words

2017, February 21 - 2354 - irrational

everyone has fear (5)
when the bus takes a wrong turn, (7)
that there’s no way back (5)


I'm Watching You!

When you have a memory as bad as mine you have to write everything down or it’s lost forever, so consequently I also have tons of   774 more words



Your eyes dart left, right, up, and down of their own free will all day long. Picking out subtle changes around you; the erratic walker who suddenly changed direction without a plan, the flickering TV with that show, that one that, you know. 48 more words


Myanmar P3: Lặng lẽ Bagan

Bagan nghe đồn từ xưa xửa xừa xưa từng là thủ đô của Myanmar. Giờ thì nó chỉ còn là 1 cái town be bé với hàng ngàn ngôi đền cổ còn sót lại. 1,549 more words