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How Netflix will someday know exactly what you want to watch as soon as you turn your TV on

(Source: www.businessinsider.com)

Netflix’s data wizard says we’re close to a future where algorithms know almost everything we want.

“A very realistic vision is we should get to the point where you just turn on your Netflix app and automatically a video starts to play that you’re very happy with,” says Vice President of Innovation Carlos Gomez-Uribe. 1,506 more words


My top 3's , Music, Books, Film and TV!

Hello everybody!!!

Other than the fact that I am very much obsessed with books, not many of you really know too much about my other interests … assuming I have any that would at least vaguely capture your attention. 232 more words


So instead of watching TV, we read every night together as a family.

So instead of watching TV, we read every night together as a family.

Arne Duncan


Pause...Enjoy the View

What does the view from your window look like? 

Stop and take a moment to enjoy the view!

Thank you!


All The Hours 's Staff Have Wasted On Destiny

(Source: kotaku.com)

A lot of people have spent a lot of time playing Destiny, a video game in which players travel the galaxy watching internet commenters write things like “nobody plays Destiny.” But what about Kotaku’s staff? 109 more words


19 September: Intergalactic Discoveries: VII – Go West Young Dog!

The first thing that happened was that Mrs Fox, another of T’s human friends, arrived in her car to take the boys to Cornwall. T thanked Mrs Fox, and silently arranged a telepathic conference with the dogs on August 10, when astronomers would be looking for meteorites and willing to attribute any unusual signals to the asteroid belt. 279 more words

Daily Reflections

Last Man Standing In Counter-Strike Somehow Wins The Game

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Virtus.pro went on to win the entire tournament, but before they could do that, Filip “NEO” Kubski had to help get his team through the semi-finals against Team Dignitas. 51 more words