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Travelogue F15

Acadia National Park proved rather different from what I had pictured and what had been pictured to me. Where I had expected an island paradise, I found instead considerable human build-up to the point that, when looking at the map, park land marked in green, public land in white, I had the distinct impression of two opposed forces whose territories change hands as one advances and the other withdraws in the face of hostility more implacable than that found in war. 453 more words


Week 3 Chinese Cartoons, Summer 2015 - GATE

This was a good week for almost all of the shows, but I only do one of these a week so hurry up and read it! 1,365 more words


Travelogue F14

On the way down, the question briefly arose whether the stones which make up the path were brought in by by the trail clearers or instead merely underground and revealed by subsequent erosion. 851 more words


Watching Videos Guide Pt. 1: Where Do You Stand?

Often times you hear good players say that it is important to watch match videos to understand a match-up, critique your own play, or to familiarize yourself with some mechanic of the game. 675 more words


Travelogue F13

Some time later, we came upon Grafton Notch State Park, just the opposite side of the New Hampshire-Maine border, and its assortment of trails. At one trailhead, we discovered that a toll of sorts had been set up on park visitors and relied upon a variant of the honor system: in exchange for using the trails, visitors were asked to have purchased a day pass at a shelter farther on. 485 more words


What I've been watching

  • I had an *odd* hankering to watch a Korean Drama series..and I just happened to stumble across Coffee Prince (available for streaming on Netflix) and I LOVED it.
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