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Chinese Edition of Monograph Published

I’m proud to announce that the Chinese edition of my monograph1 has now been published in Hong Kong.2 I am thankful for two of my former classmates, Yen-yi Lee and Roy Wong, for their dedication to helping make the translation possible. 33 more words


the love of Christ

The Normal Christian Life by Watchman Nee
The Love of Christ / P.212

We must have before us now two passages of the Word, one from Genesis 2 and one from Ephesians 5, which, considered together, are of great importance at this point. 1,591 more words


Christ Has Preeminence in the Life of A Christian

From a book by Watchman Nee- “God’s plan and the Overcomers”- page 27-30

For the love of Christ constraineth us; because we thus judge,

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Spiritual Life

Two sons were born in China...

In 1893 a son was born to a well-off farmer in Shaoshan, China. Ten years later and 800 miles away, a son was born to an officer in the  263 more words


The View from Where I Sit

See that amazing view? Yeah, that’s not what I see from where I sit. My office isn’t exactly the idyllic writer’s retreat—unless you consider the kitchen counter idyllic. 314 more words


Preacher, Want to Preach More Effectively? Allow God to Break You First

I hope I don’t come across as being judgmental for saying this, but I think some preachers just try too hard to impress.

Some feign erudition and scholarliness through the liberal use of theological jargon; others try to hold their listener’s attention through jokes or by bringing up topics of “current” (worldly) interest. 449 more words


Yesterday and Today, and sea change

“‘Sea change’ indicates a fundamental transformation with far-reaching, revolutionary ramifications”—Bruce Watson, Daily Finance

Well, here’s another strange album that I bought with more weird meanings that I can read into it: Yesterday … And Today, by the Beatles, originally released in 1966. 1,353 more words