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The Geoengineering End Game

Source:  Activist Post

By Ethan Jacobs, J.D.

Years of research have revealed that the purpose of ongoing international geoengineering operations is to control the weather to create droughts and artificial scarcity of water and food (planned “problem”).  360 more words


Green ripples

Green ripples. Photo close-up of water ripples reflecting foliage, lake at Centro Turistico los Chocuacos, Costa Rica.

If viewing this in an email, click on the image to open it at higher resolution in your browser. 73 more words

The Artists of Freezing Water

Water is beautiful when it freezes. Over pebbles, far below the freezing point.

Splashed with air, right at freezing. Thanks, geese.

Holding the sky separate from the sky. 16 more words


How Strong is Water?

Stronger than gravity.

Stronger than anti-gravity

It has edges, but resists them.

Even when it doesn’t evaporate, it climbs.

We recognize these forms, because we are water. 8 more words


Marching on

Saturday afternoon was misty, dreary and below freezing, and it turns out it takes more than that to stop Fayetteville’s Mardi Gras parade. This one was the city’s 27th and my fourth. 131 more words