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For the first time, Frances is going to a day camp that isn’t operated by people that she knows.

It’s a big change, but it’s not as big as it could have been–she is also attending with two of her cousins with whom she is very close. 198 more words


Picture Parade Two Hundred and Eight

“The best laid plans of mice and men!”

The post Floor Diversion Day Three has been postponed for twenty-four hours.

Simply because yesterday morning the installers contracted by Home Depot (HD) to rip up our existing carpet and start laying the laminate wooden boarding found underneath the old carpet underlay another carpet that some time in the distant past had been glued down. 118 more words


Dog Days

The dog days: how the ancient Greeks and Romans referred to the period of time when the star Sirius, thought to represent Orion’s dog, rose before the sun. 558 more words

Nature Observations

W P Weekly Photo Challenge: Elements

Beautiful Water,One of the Main Elements of Earth


There is beauty in everything you look at, even if it’s something as mundane as the Fountain you pass every day.   28 more words

The World As I See It

Shallow Water Tidal Ripple Patterns 1-3

Shallow Water Tidal Ripple Patterns 1-3 Photographs of natural patterns created by reflected sunlight on the crests of minor ripples in clear shallow seawater lapping with the incoming tide around the island of Burry Holms at the tip of the Gower Peninsula in South Wales. 13 more words

Nature Photography

The old backyard

There’s no mistaking a southwestern Missouri creek. I’ll always recognize the high-pitched clink the fist-sized rocks make when I walk on them. Many of them bear tiny round or cylindrical fossils — some rocks are essentially nothing but fossil. 191 more words


Water Traveling in Time and Space

One image three times…

Wasp Drinking.

Earth Drinking.

Sun Drinking.

… that’s the way it is on this planet. That’s the way it is.

Nature Photography