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Maybe we all need saving!

Back to that wonderful theme.

My post of last Tuesday week, the one about Murat Şahin feeding the dogs and cats in Istanbul, was so warmly welcomed by you. 385 more words


Waterfall On Beautiful Boulder Creek — Colorado Nature Art

Scenic view of a small waterfall on Boulder Creek in Boulder Canyon. B oulder Creek starts high up in the Rocky mountains and runs down Boulder Canyon to the City of Boulder and then out to the plains.

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November. The Changing Seasons. (2016)

My November wrapped up with a trip to Florida over Thanksgiving. So instead of having a big meal on Thanksgiving Day, I had a turkey sandwich on the… 322 more words


Dakota Access Pipeline

   Does it not seem that builders of the pipeline should have gone around the Sioux land? Are we to begin the next administration with another violation of treaty rights, and perhaps even another violent massacre, just so that all the sins of history might be repeated in the end times? 408 more words


The Perfection of Mornings

The sun is visible again. Wind, rain, and grey vanished in the night while I wasn’t looking. The sky before dawn reverted to the normal procedure for welcoming a sunny day. 265 more words

Nature Observations

Bar-tailed godwit - Rosse Grutto

Bartailed godwit in winter feathers, probing the mud of The Waddensea for something to eat. This picture was taken in the Netherlands but many of these birds fly non-stop from their breeding place on the Arctic coast to New Zealand for the winter. 64 more words