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Application Note: Surveying CO2 in the field

Application Note: Measuring CO2 in the Cow Bay River Watershed, Nova Scotia


Headwaters of rivers and streams are important components of the carbon cycle, as they are typically supersaturated with carbon dioxide (CO₂) relative to the atmosphere. 857 more words


The Book of Time

How many years must a mountain exist before it is washed to the sea
How many years can some people exist before they’re allowed to be free… 37 more words


Heavy Rain Falling in Runnels County - Turn Around Don't Drown

Heavy rain falling in Runnels County.

Excessive runoff from heavy rainfall will cause flooding of small creeks and streams, urban areas, highways, streets and underpasses as well as other drainage areas and low lying spots. 35 more words

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Rivers, Rivulets and Reflections: A Study Of Water

The following images were taken in the years between 2007 and 2015. I’ve always enjoyed reflections and water

Cheers all,

Jenn 32 more words


Water Water Everywhere

 I must say, since my heart attack, the one, single, unwavering constant in our lives is water. Water, water, water. Tons of it. Gallons of it. 700 more words

Daily Water Requirement


I have two blogs–this one that I now rarely post on and an art blog that I post on more frequently.  Being in nature in and out of the city is a large part of what sustains me in life and allows me to create.   83 more words



By Jim Harding

From R-Town News, June 26, 2015

We aren’t very conscientious when it comes to protecting water. We’re neither respectful nor effective in this. 1,391 more words

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