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Show me the data!

Since this is my first blog – ever – I was a bit perplexed deciding what my first entry should be on. I mean, I want it to be good. 677 more words


The rover Curiosity recently failed to detect methane on Mars. What might this result mean for Mars’ present or past habitability?

This is my final year dissertation in full. It was submitted on 21 March 2014 and scored 100 per cent. Minor edits were made, but little more than small changes in phrasing. 4,715 more words


Timeless Tardigrades

Whenever we humans get too full of ourselves, which is quite often, I tend to want to point out that in many ways we are inferior to the tardigrade. 317 more words


For Science!

Over the last few days I’ve gotten a chance to start watching Cosmos, the new show from Neil deGrasse Tyson, and it’s reminded me of something I totally forgot. 452 more words

Thoughts And Bullshit

The Water Bear is a Super Star of Survival!

Here’s something to think about. Who will still be here once even we humans have gone the way of the Dodo? Well, there’s a solid chance that it may be the mighty little Tardigrade, or Water Bear. 250 more words


No cares for water bears: possibly the planet's toughest animals

There’s a bear in there, and it’s not what you’ve seen on Playschool. With 8 legs, a face like a cannon and a body the size of an exclamation mark, the most bizarre thing about the Water Bear isn’t it’s appearance, it’s the fact that this may well be the toughest animal on the planet. 486 more words