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Tough Water Bears; Tardigrades Living in Extreme Situations


Tardigrada is a phylum of animals that consists of about 1000 different species that are microscopic animals about 1 mm with segmented bodies and eight legs. 564 more words

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(Comic) Book Review: Giganto Maxia by Kentaro Miura

One hundred million years ago lands us firmly in the center of what is commonly known as the Cretaceous period, and what is more uncommonly known as the “DEAR-LORD-GOD-FUCK-NO-PLEASE-DON’T-MAKE-ME-GO BACK-THERE” period. 346 more words

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Goldilocks Zone and The Three Gazillion Bears

“Tell me a bedtime story, Uncle Sy.”

“OK, Teena, what kind of story?”

“One with bears in it.  Nice bears.”

“Hmm…  How about ‘Goldilocks Zone and The Three Gazillion Bears’?” 711 more words

Surviving the Nuclear Apocalypse, or Just Aging Better

Would you introduce another organism’s genes into your own body in order to age more slowly? What if the genes could reduce radiation damage?

Recently, researchers made a discovery that helps them understand what makes Tardigrades, also known as water bears, so tough (the small aquatic organism can survive drying out and being unshielded in space). 160 more words


Tardigrade protein helps human DNA withstand radiation

Experiments show that the tardigrade’s resilience can be transferred to cultures of human cells.

Water bears are renowned for their ability to withstand extreme conditions. 473 more words


Radiation Proof DNA

I just love it when an article comes along that is just perfect for one of the stories you’re working on. I was looking for a biological mechanism to provide radiation resistance for a population. 21 more words

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