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Say Hello To The Water Bear. The Indestructible Animal.

Insignificant to some and yet formidable in so many ways, the Tardigrades, or Water Bears, are one of the most amazing creatures mankind has ever heard seen. 119 more words


Lions, Tigers, and Water Bears - Oh My!

Recently in class, we learned about extremophiles – creatures that can survive in extreme situations. My personal favorite extremophile is the water bear (whose official name is the tardigrade) because they’re the hardiest extremophile (in my personal opinion). 201 more words



Tardigrades, also known as water bears, are known to be one of the strongest creatures on earth. They are an extremophile and can survive in almost any environment or climate. 111 more words


The XIV International Symposium on Tardigrada (XIV Międzynarodowe Sympozjum Tardigradologiczne)

This year in Copenhagen, Denmark, will take place the 14th International Symposium on Tardigrada. The event is 30 July – 03 August 2018. This organize every three years amazing meeting is opportunity for discussing with taxonomists, ecologists, physiologists and entusiasts working on tardigrades. 89 more words


Water Bears!

Do you see that crazy little creature, brethren? That’s a Tardigrade, or more commonly known as a Water Bear. So tiny that they’re smaller than the width of a quarter. 315 more words


Micro-Hippos (or tardigrades)

Americans call tardigrades ‘water bears’ and Europeans call them ‘moss piglets’. I think Africans should call them micro-hippos. They’re obviously more closely related to hippopotamuses than bears or pigs. 323 more words


Moss Piglets: First Interstellar Travelers?

Guest post by David Middleton

People are gearing up to spread life from our solar system out into the cosmos. But the first life-forms to make that journey won’t be human beings, or even critters most folks would recognize.

321 more words