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Derin uzay boşlukları, kozmik radyasyonlar, mutlak sıfıra yakın sıcaklıklar veya ağır kimyevi zehirler… Elbette bir insanın birkaç saniyeden daha fazla dayanamayacağı koşullar. Ancak bir canlı türü var ki böyle yerlerde sorunsuz yaşam sürebiliyorlar. 1,158 more words

The Toughest, and Cutest, Life Form?

What can survive being frozen and revived at least 30 years later? What about surviving being nearly dried out and rehydrated? How about being fine after several days in space? 290 more words


The Water Bears and Their Controversial Genes

Time to combine two of my favourite things: scientific controversy and water bears. Not a common combination, I grant you, but both are great and the chance to cover a scientific controversy about water bears is too good to pass up. 990 more words


Surviving bear encounter in Mravinjac

I was only walking, I climbed up the hill and eased over into level wooded area beyond Selišta. As I approached that small patch in the wood that is replete with thick mossy pads it happened. 388 more words


A new study has sequenced the first tardigrade (Water Bear) genome. Findings : 17.5% foreign species DNA.


5. They’ve been around longer than nearly every other living organism.

Tardigrades roamed the earth and seas far before humans did – and will most likely outlast us. 366 more words

Earth Watch Report


The mechanistic view is purely causal; it conceives an event as the effect of a cause, in the sense that unchanging substances change their relations to one another according to fixed laws. 202 more words


Water bears

It’s scientifically known that the only two types of creatures that can survive a total nuclear annihilation are cockroaches and everyone’s favourite zombie musician, Keith Richards. 397 more words