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Tardigrade protein helps human DNA withstand radiation

Experiments show that the tardigrade’s resilience can be transferred to cultures of human cells.

Water bears are renowned for their ability to withstand extreme conditions. 473 more words


Radiation Proof DNA

I just love it when an article comes along that is just perfect for one of the stories you’re working on. I was looking for a biological mechanism to provide radiation resistance for a population. 21 more words

Writers Musings

Fun Fact Friday: Tardigrades

Also known as ‘Water Bears’, these organisms may be small but they are invincible!

They can survive:

  • being frozen to -278 degree celsius, nearly absolute zero…
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Defining the Water Bears: Phylogeny of the Tardigrade


The tardigrade, or ‘Tardigrada‘ which translates to ‘the slow stepper’ has established itself amongst scientific literature as one of the most resilient organisms on earth. 907 more words


To dump a chunk of trunk

The Mammal has deemed that Hox genes and good old-fashioned feel-good evo-devo are a good way to blink back to life*. Also, tardigrades. Tardigrades are awesome. 1,456 more words


Trivia Time! - Random Fact of the Day

I love learning random facts about random people, places, and things, so this will be a new segment where I share cool and hip information. 323 more words


Derin uzay boşlukları, kozmik radyasyonlar, mutlak sıfıra yakın sıcaklıklar veya ağır kimyevi zehirler… Elbette bir insanın birkaç saniyeden daha fazla dayanamayacağı koşullar. Ancak bir canlı türü var ki böyle yerlerde sorunsuz yaşam sürebiliyorlar. 1,158 more words