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Microbeads Are Polluting Our Water

Eagle Water Niagara knows plastic is believed to be the main contaminant in the oceans. But researchers have now found a stunning amount of plastic in… 296 more words

Tree branch water filter removes a surprising 99% of E.coli

“In order to test their theory, MIT researchers first used 1-inch by 1/2-inch bits of white pine xylem tissue inside a plastic tube held together with clamps and epoxy to trap red dye, which has large particles. 71 more words

Water Filtration Challenge

English Class fifth graders are learning about the amazing substance of water. Their chemistry-physics teacher, Ms. Sandra, challenged the pupils invent a filter to turn muddy water into clean water using what they had in the classroom. 31 more words

Education In Pori, Finland


Hello world!! I am Haji Muhammad Rosli bin DH Haji Abd Wahab; the CEO & CHAIRMAN of ZHULAIKHA MEGA ENTERPRISE, an established entrepreneur from Negara Brunei Darussalam. 676 more words

Computer Model Proves New Water Filtration System Works

A study published in Nature Nanotechnology could change the face of water purification, and help some 800 million people have better access to clean water. 295 more words


Products for Water Filtration

Water filtration allows you and your family to have clean drinking water any time you want or need it. There are several different types of water filtration products on the market today, so we thought we would take the time to give a brief overview of some of the most popular ones. 352 more words

Water Filtration

Health Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Water

Reverse osmosis is a water purification system used around the world to help improve water for drinking, cooking and other important uses. Eagle Water Niagara… 198 more words