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Tech for the Future Hipster Household

Okay we all know the luxuries of the future can be pretty cool just from watching shows like The Jetsons. Technological benefits like a smart phone you can wear on your watch that tells you how fucking fat you are getting are just a glimpse of the awesome things that could easily become readily available. 1,021 more words

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Water Filtration FAQs

Did you know there is a difference between water filtration and water purification? Both are beneficial, but for this post we want to focus on some of the questions we often hear about… 441 more words

Water Filtration

MIT: A "Shocking" New Way to "Desalinate" - No Membranes and Less Energy

As the availability of clean, potable water becomes an increasingly urgent issue in many parts of the world, researchers are searching for new ways to treat salty, brackish or contaminated water to make it usable. 833 more words


Is Reverse Osmosis the Best Water?

At Angel Water, we believe the best water comes from a reverse osmosis water filtration system. A reverse osmosis system from Angel Water removes up to 97 percent of impurities and remineralizes the water when the filtration cycle is complete. 284 more words

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is one of the most common methods of water treatment used for removing contaminant particles from the water. The technology is used for broad range water filtration systems. 211 more words

Water Analysis

MIT: Big Range for Tiny Graphene Pores: May improve Commercial Membranes for Water Purification: Requiring Less Energy

Researchers created pores in a graphene sheet (in purple) and then placed it over a layer of silicon nitride (in blue) that had been punctured by an ion beam. 935 more words


Everything's coming together!

Ohh, shiver-me-timbers..

Laying out
all of my gear, I’m beginning to get a real sense of what the fridge I’m about to do.

The getting bits-and-bobs together phase is almost coming to an end and it’s so surreal! 137 more words