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2 Ways to Purify Water Naturally

Water is a gift, a blessing and most precious thing in the world. Everything, living or non-living contains water in small or large quantity and that’s why everything in the world needs water to exist. 494 more words

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Scientists Develop "Thirsty" Nanopore Water Filtration Device

Water is the most important substance to humans, by far. Some nations have better access to it than others; those surrounded by the sea in drier climates often use desalinization plants that remove the salt from the water, but this is often slow and energy-intensive. 473 more words

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Water Filters Compared

Limousine vs. Compact

January 19, 2016

There are quite a few discussions online today about what type of water filter to carry into the backcountry. I for one own several and have used them all and I will be the first to point out that no single one is perfect. 760 more words


PiMag Water® Technology

PiMag® Water Technology

Nikken Magna-Charger™

Most tap water contains high amounts of minerals, which tend to bind together in clumps. The Nikken Magna-Charger has powerful neodymium and ferrite magnets that reduce mineral clumping, acting as a natural water softener without adding chemicals or salt. 442 more words

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KAUST:Nanoscale Polymer Membranes for 'Selective' Water Filtering

The right blend of polymers enables rapid and molecule-selective filtering of tiny particles from water.

A method of fabricating polymer membranes with nanometer-scale holes that overcomes some practical challenges has been demonstrated by KAUST researchers. 492 more words


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On Filters and Kindness 

Today I went to Nain Sukh with a cotton yarn and extra switchboard in my bag. But I’ve realized that one can never be truly prepared for field work. 511 more words

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