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Living and Learning, Even in the Hardest of Conditions

This post was originally featured in FIRST‘s Inspire Blog.

Editor’s note: Since Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico four months ago, recovery has been slow. 573 more words

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The significance of water purifier in hotels

Water is one of the most vital necessity for humans. There are countless uses and benefits of water and most important is that water keeps human healthy and help them to fulfill their hygienic needs. 262 more words

Best Water Purifier For Hotels

Benefits of a Having a Water Softener System Installed in your Home

Water is said to be hard when the high quantity of minerals such as dissolved calcium and magnesium are present. Having a water softener system… 618 more words

Pristine Water Systems - Clean Water is An Asset for All

It is apparent that clean water is necessary for life. Everybody needs it to drink. It is essential for cooking. No matter what you do at home, water plays a great role in everything from drinking to cleaning; washing to other tasks. 460 more words


Seven Reasons Owning a Water Softener Will Change Your Life

Water is essential for all living things on Earth.  There are however risks involved in ingesting the wrong types of water.  Drinking water that is contaminated or that comes from a tainted source can put your health at risk.  709 more words

Bottled water.. bad for you?

Yup, you read that right.

I was shocked too when I first heard about bottled water being bad for you. We all know how important it is to stay hydrated and meet your daily water intake each day. 513 more words


5 Ways to Tell That You Need A New Water Softener

If your sinks and appliances are full of stains or your skin is itchy and dry, you may find your water is the cause of the problem. 642 more words