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Capilano Energy Recovery Turbine Turns Flow From Water Filtration Process into a Power Source

Because the Seymour Capilano Filtration Plant is higher in elevation than the Capilano Reservoir, pressure is created when treated water is returned to the Capilano pump station for distribution. 511 more words

#TDIWH—February 26, 1847: Birth of Rudolph Hering

February 26, 1847: Rudolph Hering was born. “Although Dr. Hering was one of the first to recommend mechanical filters for pumping the water supplies at Atlanta, and elsewhere, and was connected with important water supply investigations at New York, Philadelphia, Washington, New Orleans, Columbus, Montreal, Minneapolis and numerous smaller places, his accomplishments were greatest in the field of sewerage and sewage disposal and led to his having been designated years ago as the ‘Dean of Sanitary Engineering” in this country. 308 more words



When dissolved in water, iron and manganese typically leave rust-orange or black stains in sinks, bathtubs, toilets, and any other household appliance that uses water. These minerals are found in many water sources distributed throughout homes. 90 more words

The Cold Waters of Unemployment

My blood ran cold. The lights in the room blurred. I felt faint as I stood from my boss’s desk and exited his office. I turned the usual corners of the office I lived in five days a week, eight hours a day for the last four years. 205 more words

Take Twice-a-Day

纳米技术有望能助海水转化成饮用水-拉尼.亚卡斯(Rani Jarkas)



曼彻斯特介观科学与纳米科技研究中心的主任、钦定物理教授、英国皇家学会教授安德烈·海姆(Andre Geim)于2004年和他的同伴成功地在实验中从石墨中分离出石墨烯,而证实它可以单独存在,他也因“在二维石墨烯材料的开创性实验”获得2010年诺贝尔物理学奖。由他领导的研究团队发现石墨膜能够有效地从污染较大的分子中去除有价值的盐和分离分子。石墨烯是已知的世上最薄、最坚硬的纳米材料,它具有许多非比寻常的优良特性。

研究团队成员之一伊琳娜博士(Irina Grigorieva)在曼彻斯特大学的新闻稿中曾说:“我们的最终目标是制造一个过滤装置,在用人手抽出海水后的几分钟后就能把一杯海水变成一杯饮用水。我们还未能实现它,不过这也再不是什么天方夜谭了。”

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Seven Good Reasons to Drink Filtered Water

Up until four years ago, I drank unfiltered tap water and didn’t give it much thought. Then when recovering from a long, complex illness, I learned that drinking tap water wasn’t doing me any favors. 560 more words

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