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MIT: New Research Demonstrates how Nanoparticles can Clean Up Environmental Pollutants: Water - Soil

Nanomaterials and UV light can “trap” chemicals for easy removal from soil and water.

Many human-made pollutants in the environment resist degradation through natural processes, and disrupt hormonal and other systems in mammals and other animals. 1,047 more words


Penn State: Biomimetic Membranes that Self-Assemble for Water Filtration

A synthetic membrane that self assembles and is easily produced may lead to better gas separation, water purification, drug delivery and DNA recognition, according to an international team of researchers. 301 more words


Purified Water Can Help Allergies & Asthma

Eagle Water Niagara found a study that states dehydration can play a significant role in asthma and allergies. Researchers believe that the lack of water vapor in the lungs causes the airways to constrict and for the asthmatic’s lungs to produce mucus, the two factors that cause an asthma attack. 107 more words

Water Purification And Water Filtration: Is There Truly A Difference?

In today’s world, people tend to not give much thought to the water around them. For many, it’s a simple convenience to merely turn on the tap or buy bottled water from a nearby store, and have the drink they need. 68 more words


Water purification: Tanzanian sees business opportunity inst...

“Now, with capital, manpower and expertise in place, Hilonga says he is ready to take on Africa. His plan is to first cover the 70% of nine million households in Tanzania that are not using any kind of water treatment system, and then spread across sub-Saharan Africa which shares the same challenge and thus holds similar opportunities for his company’s growth.” 10 more words

Free well water screening for private wells offered by Conse...

“All results are confidential. Participants will be mailed a copy of your results in 8 to 10 weeks, with information about what to do if the concentration of nitrate or nitrite is too high.” 16 more words