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Water, water, everywhere...

By Theresa on Sep 24, 2015 12:19 pm

I’ve been asked quite a few times about the water situation on the Appalachian Trail.  Unlike the Pacific Crest Trail, which happens to go through drought areas, the AT has plenty of water.   558 more words

Appalachian Trail Prep

The Water Post

Help! I’m Reacting to Water???!

This is a message I’ve gotten a few times, and I haven’t had a very complete response to it to date because I haven’t been able to solve the problem for myself. 3,802 more words


Rainwater for Drinking - Considerations

So you are considering using rainwater as a backup or emergency water supply. Rainwater is a great solution for both however there are things that need to be considered prior to installation.  420 more words

Rainwater Harvesting

New water filtration process uses 1,000 times less energy

New research could transform how we filter water Credit: University of Limerick

A new process for water filtration using carbon dioxide consumes one thousand times less energy than conventional methods, scientific research published recently has shown. 515 more words


Proper Knowing About The Water Filtration Systems

Water filtration is the great procedure which water is exactly used for residential purposes that must be cleaned. Filtration can be done in several ways of the water cleansing method that depends on how infected the water is. 358 more words

Water Filtration

Pump Installations A Right Process To Get Perfect Repairing Option

We people always value our properties, of our houses, but sometimes, we deliberately or by accident select to stay away from things that need close attention such as perfect septic tank installation and preservation. 392 more words

Water Filtration

Well Pump Replacement Must Needed For Better Water Streaming

Pulling water that is actually utilized used for regular task, like this water is needed to take bathe or wash the dishes. This is a procedure and often a difficult chore; water is sometimes taken for over a mile distance. 411 more words

Water Filtration