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Even Machines Need Clean Water: How Water Filters Can Improve Machine Performance

It’s always reassuring to have access to clean water, so we can stay healthy and be free of any illnesses caused by waterborne bacteria. However, the benefits of clean water doesn’t just affect humans. 549 more words

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Two Examples of Businesses That Use Water and Can Benefit From Water Filters

Water has always played an important role in our lives. It keeps us hydrated, clean and healthy so we can live normally and be free from any serious problems. 482 more words

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Pfister: Get those pharmaceuticals out of your water!

Pfister Product Manager Brian Shaadt explains why it’s so important to get your water filtered. Not only does the water taste better, but the Clarify… 19 more words

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Consequence of Iron Contamination

Around five percent of the earth’s crust is made up of iron. Its prevalence makes iron contamination a common water problem. It is possible to detect iron contamination even without a proper… 202 more words

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Katadyn Gravity Camp 6L review


These filters simply use the power of gravity to filter water and therefore require no pump action or battery power. This makes them particularly suitable for use around camp, where the filter will continue to work without any interaction from the user, freeing up time to set up tents/cook etc. 569 more words


Microbeads Are Polluting Our Water

Eagle Water Niagara knows plastic is believed to be the main contaminant in the oceans. But researchers have now found a stunning amount of plastic in… 296 more words