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Water is the basic necessity of living beings. In fact, survival is impossible without water. Whether it is humans, plants, animals or the microorganisms, all of us need some amount of water every day. 395 more words

Drinking Water Treatment

Why is it important to filter your water?

I know this blog is about air pollution but I think its just as important to learn about water filtration because all this is interrelated. Our body is made up off 50-65% of water so we should understand what exactly is entering our body and how filtration helps. 390 more words


Join with 'Californians for Water Security'

The Plan To Fix Our Aging Water Distribution System

The Problem

California homes, farms and businesses depend on water that flows from the Sierra Nevada Mountains through the state’s main water distribution system to regions across the state, including the Bay Area, Central Valley, Central Coast and Southern California. 137 more words


27 Days to go

Only 27 more days! Today was spent doing some hiking. We have a local spot with some pretty steep inclines so I decided to do that in my… 296 more words

Appalachian Trail

Nanofiltration and the Water Crisis

Nanofiltration and the Water Crisis

Abstract: Adam Alonzi
The approaching water crisis will be solved by devices made possible by nanotechnology.

Since its conception concerns have been raised about nanotechnology’s potentially deleterious impact on the environment, but at this point it looks as though it will do more good than harm. 703 more words


One Step Forward and Two Back

“Two steps forward and one back” is one of my committee member, Eric Hallerman’s favorite expressions to describe  scientific research.These were soothing words when I would come into his office pulling my hair out with news of another failed PCR run. 676 more words