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The Naming of a Betta Fish

Last week, I purchased a Water Garden at a fundraiser.

The package came with a coupon for a Betta Fish.

My intent is to read the instructions, something I loathe like seasonal allergies, and start gardening this weekend. 91 more words

The Beauty of Water Lilies and Lotus

Yesterday was the monthly meeting of the Austin Pond Society and as usual, was held in the Zilker Botanical Gardens. I arrived a little early and could not help but notice the beautiful show that the water lilies and lotus were putting on in The  Willy Birge Memorial Pond located at the entrance and  managed by Darren Bayhi and maintained by him with help from other society members. 95 more words


Wrights Water Gardens

Wrights Water Gardens is a private garden developed around the historic Mauku waterfall and quarry.

The gardens are located 128 Mauku Road, Patumahoe and are open October through May, Wednesday to Sunday from 10am to 4:30pm. 229 more words

North Island

frog life

The motorbike frog tadpoles (Litoria moorei) in my garden pond have all metamorphosed into frogs, sadly the cannibal tradition continues. 318 more words


Excalibur stays sharp

Not the sword Excalibur, but the spiffy 9-tray dehydrator we bought almost 10 years ago. 

Our storage onions lasted from September through April, but May flowers means the onions are trying to flower along with everything else. 381 more words


The never ending life of a pond lover...

After the scare of losing 2 Koi in the 6000 gallon pond, I had been looking to see what else I could do to improve the situation. 1,192 more words