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Adventures in Aquaponics

I have had pet betta fish on and off for several years. They’re always blue, they’re always well-loved, and they’ve always lived for at least a couple years (except for one tragic incident that I don’t like to speak of). 227 more words


Mom's Garden

My mother has a beautiful garden, with her house in the middle of it!

Really, she has dozens of gardens around her house, garage and sheds. 136 more words


You Deserve Water Lilies, Too!

Scott and I visit botanical gardens whenever possible. If we are on vacation and there is one nearby, we add it to our itinerary. Our favorite part about visiting gardens in the summertime is seeing the water lilies. 496 more words


Barbara Hale's Fish Story - Reposted

This story is a re-post of a story written by Barbara Hale.


          A few weeks after my husband put in a backyard pond, I was in the Walmart pet department looking at goldfish and Koi. 679 more words


Thanks for Sharing

I lost another fish today but this one didn’t catch me by surprise. She had been moping around for several days and not moving much. She would not eat any of the food that I put in the pond which was very unusual as she being one of the biggest fish, was always at the head of the food line. 211 more words


CHILLING @Mayfield Garden

Take that literally. Tops of 5 Celsius. We were even welcomed with a light shower (hail, actually) as we dined in the Mayfield Garden’s Kitchen Café. 374 more words


Cool, Green and Tranquil Gardens - with a twist - exploring the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden

A garden visit this afternoon but not entirely for the horticulture …

This is, despite the artful additions, a just-tamed and beautiful, cool green, tranquil and quite enchanting garden – the rock and water garden to the former Leith Vale Estate built in the 1920s (Leith Vale was then owned by one Trotter, banker and treasurer of the RHS and friend of EA Bowles) – and rescued from dereliction and unrestrained efforts of Mother Nature by Hannah Peschar and her landscape architect husband some 30 years ago, a garden that had slumbered untouched for decades before. 327 more words

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