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60 -May '16 - 1902 - Dutton Homestall, East Grinstead, Sussex

This is the last of my current series of ‘Sites of the Month’, and I have saved something very special to occupy this slot.   It relates to a lovely garden that I would have included in my book, … 2,347 more words

. . James Pulham And Son

About Sunday

Okay, so the worst of the crazy is over for this week and I will attempt to catch up, going all the way back to Sunday, which was my second day at the conference. 909 more words

The New Floral Trend That Is Impossible To Kill

Hi guys!

Remember my post when I shared my version of the DIY- terrarium,  a miniature indoor garden inside a glass vase? I’m happy to inform you that the plants inside are still alive and kicking – well except for the small terrarium which was eaten by my bunny when I put it on the floor for just a second – plants are really now his new favorite thing, together with my new fiddle leaf fig… As if it’s not finicky enough without being eaten. 373 more words


Yay! Another stamp with the USPS!

I’m a USPS stamp artist three years in a row with this announcement. Pretty exciting stuff! My image is one of the 16 featured in this release. 35 more words


The Heron, the problem for all pond owners.

I have had run ins with Herons for the past several years. Anyone that has a backyard pond will get a visit from these very large and beautiful birds usually to the detriment of the fish in their pond, sooner or later. 941 more words