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A few days ago I posted a blog entitled Along the River, since then water in general but more specifically rivers have been in my thoughts. 450 more words

Understanding Water Memory

Magnetic Memory and the Relation

Lets shed some light firstly on how data in the current storage hungry world is stored on magnetic disks. The present breeds of hard drives and disk storage systems are essentially a single or collection of magnetic disks that have billions of… 839 more words

Hard Drives

Do Not Confuse 'Molecular Imprints' With The Pseudo-scientific 'Energy Medicine' Concepts of 'Water Memory'

The scientific concepts of ‘molecular imprints’ as the active principles of potentized drugs promoted by MIT should not be confused with the unscientific concept of ‘water memory’ promoted by ‘energy medicine’ theoreticians. 350 more words

Homeopathy Articles

Does Homeopathy Work?

Homeopathy is a pseudoscientific system of alternative medicine dating back to 1796. No homeopathic remedy has been proven to be more effective than placebo and no plausible mechanism by which it could possibly work has ever been proposed. 773 more words


Water memory. Human prejudice.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is potentially wading into hot water next month when it hosts a meeting set up by Nobelist Luc Montagnier to discuss his controversial research on what has become known as “the memory of water.” The afternoon at the agency’s Paris headquarters will feature talks about the virologist’s widely ridiculed idea that water can carry information via an electromagnetic imprint from DNA and other molecules. 424 more words


What is a homeopathic drug?

Many people believe homeopathy is a natural, herbal supplement like any other. But is it?

Via inFact with Brian Dunning

What is a homeopathic drug? 111 more words