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[Netgalley] Water Memory by Mathieu Reynes and Valérie Vernay (Illustrator)

Finally got around to picking up some more comics. This time around I decided to check out Water Memory for the same reason I always pick up comics, the cover. 512 more words


Review: Water Memory

Water Memory by Mathieu Reynès

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Following the death of her grandmother, Marion’s mother Caroline makes the decision for them to move back to the village she lived in as a small child. 90 more words

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[ARC] Water Memory by Mathieu Reynès

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The story begins with a relocation: Marion’s mother inherited the family home in a fishermen’s village, and decides to move there with her daughter. 156 more words


The Metetherial Encyclopaedia - The Stone Tape Theory

The Metetherial Encyclopaedia

The Stone Tape Theory

What is it?

For many that have been involved in the paranormal field for even just a short while, one of the most recognised and possibly accepted theories is that of the Stone Tape Theory. 988 more words



Water is such an essential and valuable resource that water rights have become a highly sought after “portfolio” addition.

I don’t believe that bodes well as it undoubtedly will lead to manipulation and profiteering – it shouldn’t be ignored that some municipalities are passing ordinances making it illegal for people to collect rain that falls on their property even if they live in a sub division with a small yard. 520 more words

Water Memory (Documentary)

Memory of water – The establishments attempts to stop new discoveries. A critical documentary about Luc Montagnier – Nobel Prize winner in Biology – the man who spontaneously creates DNA with resonance over a telephone line – from one country to another. 124 more words