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Can blog, can write, can act a little

In Monday’s post, I shared with you my childhood love of the theatre.

There’s a bit of me that still loves it. If I’m ever at the seaside or at a ‘Fun Day’* at our local park and there’s a Punch and Judy booth, you’ll see me gravitate towards it. 652 more words


REVIEW: Music Department End of Semester Shows

On Friday, the Music Department at the University of Ghana concluded three days of end of semester performances with a concert that featured the brass, string and choral ensembles. 943 more words

James Varrick Amarh

Rise and shine! 2:05 for the Tuesday - April 28th

Rise and shine! Nothing else to say about the start of the Handel’s Water Music No. 2. Have an excellent Tuesday!

In case you’d rather calm down, then have a go with this 2:55 beautiful last part of Handel’s Water Music No. 12 more words

Something Different For Few Minutes

Tips For Women by men, this will blow his mind!

Im gonna let the men talk here, and give it to us straight. Here’s what he wants you to do, no fuss, unadultarated 12 sex tips to boost your bedroom play and bond, enjoy! 610 more words

Relationships & Sex

A Slice of the Pond

It almost slides past notice, but then you look again and hear it. Like a score for summer’s music, the pattern of lily pad ovals suddenly turns into notes on an implied staff. 252 more words


for Handel who sent Telemann a crate of flowers

escaping the office humming.

in the absence of baroque clouds

an orange sunset blazed

like bush fire across the sky

while an empty glare settled… 51 more words


Chapter 102

You have one new message from: Mack Crose. 

“Hello Mr Nevis. Can we meet up at my office tomorrow morning to discuss the details of the contract and the job? 521 more words