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Feel Better, Millennials—Matt Damon Says His Generation Was Terrible

Anyone experiencing fatigue over millennial bashing may find actor Matt Damon’s take refreshing.

“My generation had our heads up our own asses. That was Gen X. 73 more words

Change a Life

Once upon a time the American dream was more than accumulating money and possessions. At its core was making this world a better place for our children. 302 more words

Transformation Tuesday

"Water, Water Everywhere…And Not a Drop to Drink" Samuel Taylor Coleridge, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Dear Friends,
As many of you already know, I left my position as CEO of Powermat some months ago. Of course, I remain Vice Chairman of Powermat and am still quite active on its Board but my departure as CEO has given me more time to devote to my many other projects…some of which are even as exciting as wireless charging! 1,039 more words

Ran Poliakine

Studio 3 Highlights: Our Learning (Oct. 4, 2015)

In this edition we share two videos highlighting our learning with the Global Water Crisis and exploring water filtration. You won’t believe how engaged students are when being read to, and as always preview the learning that occurred in Studio 3 this past week! 520 more words

Jeep Renegade Commercial: Populist or Elitist?

On the subject of American advertising, Jack Solomon wrote:

“America’s consumer economy runs on desire, and advertising stokes the engines by transforming common objects—from peanut butter to political candidates—into signs of all the things that Americans covet most” (Masik and Solomon, p. 728 more words

Big data? No. Just a little data about water for the poor. Finally.

Software is eating the world, as the data at our fingertips (literally) gets richer all the time. Smart phones, Google searches, maps, weather, music from Pandora or Songza, Uber and AirBnb are all data-driven. 1,331 more words


Matt Damon Picks Up the Tab

Where fame exists, cause usually beckons.

Celebrities have long bartered their 15 seconds to promote something near and dear to their hearts. Galas, fundraising poker nights and celebrity date auctions help satiate public desire to live their own private celebrity fantasies, while doing something praiseworthy. 665 more words