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The Issue of Gender and Water

Within our own private circle, it is sometimes difficult to think how an issue may exist for someone else. One such issue, which is currently being considered by private organizations and agencies is the fact that accessing water is a gender issue, which negatively impacts women, for many cultures. 80 more words


My favourite Digital Campaign: Stella Artois and water.org

Water.org, which is a charity co-founded by actor Matt Damon, were approached by Stella Artois for a partnership, and out of this partnership came an experiment. 392 more words


Cool Water Charities

Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes. We are home to more shoreline than Alaska, Hawaii, and California combined. We take pride in the fact that we have pristine, clean, usable water for drink and play. 508 more words

Food & Water Security

agua y diesel: miedos reales y latentes

Consumimos más de lo que necesitamos en el mundo occidental. Tenemos tomates y uvas todo el año. También tenemos carne, pollo y dulces… y de solo enumerarlos recuerdo a la pobre viejecita de Rafael Pombo, que no tenía qué beber ni qué comer… 388 more words


10 million...

Ten (10) million (let’s let that number soak in a little bit)…ten (10) million people, i.e. now have access to safe water and sanitation through the work of Water.org and the many who have contributed to their cause. 53 more words

Water Supply

Water, Not Everywhere

I live near water. We luxuriate in the beauty of this great lake that surrounds us. We swim and boat and walk its shorelines, we skip pebbles and wade in the waves on sandy beaches. 962 more words

Door County

Watch Matt Damon’s Super Bowl ad for clean water (and beer) -The Boston Globe

Watch Matt Damon’s Super Bowl ad for clean water (and beer)


For many, the fact that the Patriots are playing in the Super Bowl is reason enough to watch the game. 281 more words

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