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Happy World Water Day!

I have to take a moment to say that my heart goes out to Brussels. #JeSuisBruxelles

It’s disheartening that this is becoming a regular occurrence but I took some time today to think about how much fun visiting Belgium brought me when I lived in Europe. 259 more words


Water Gives New Life to a Slum in Bangladesh

Post Written by Moree Scofield, Community Manager, Water.org

For women, children and communities around the world, water gives life. In Bangladesh, the water crisis affects both rural and urban areas, and is a matter of both water scarcity and water quality. 709 more words


Beer Review: Scaldis Noël (Bush de Noël)

As promised, the anniversary celebration continues here at the Belgian Beer Bureau. A year ago today, I wrote my first beer review, which featured Corsendonk Christmas Ale… 551 more words


The Tides of March

When I first hopped onto the internet today, I was met with several “Beware the Ides of March” posts and references. And that was great because it’s absolutely the first thing I thought this morning when I saw the date. 510 more words


One of the things that I find really difficult as a teacher and parent is teaching about things that are so foreign to us in the United States, but are everyday struggles to people in other countries. 296 more words

Water.org launches Water and Sanitation Challenge for India

Win US$ 250,000 for you idea on how to ensure that low-income households in India get water and sanitation services.

How can market-based approaches expand water and sanitation solutions among low-income households in India? 81 more words

Sanitary Facilities

Millions of deaths a year... by water

Water-borne diseases

In a world with technology such as phone that can talk to you and give you driving directions, or when you can tell your television what show to display, how can it be that 1.5 million children under the age of five die from diarrhea each year? 1,026 more words