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Reasons why you should not buy the Samsung Galaxy S8 | S8+

Reason 1: You don’t want your personal assistant.

It’s not part of your must have to have one of the smartest aritificial assistants that rival Google Assistant, Siri, and Cortana at your fingertips at a click of the button. 416 more words

4 ways Save your Make up from sweat in Summer

You may tried of your make uo cause your makeup gets rough at summer due to sweat. And you will face problem like saving your face from sun or dirty make up due to sweat. 152 more words


5 tips for makeup last all day

Hi everyone , Welcome back …..


The first tip is valid for all seasons. It is no use starting a makeup without first taking care of the skin, the dirt makes it difficult to penetrate the products and produce the oil, so do not give up the trio: soap + tonic + moisturizer. 181 more words


Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7. Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone was launched in February 2016. The phone comes with a 5.10-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1440 pixels by 2560 pixels at a PPI of 577 pixels per inch. 190 more words


Plantronics BackBeat GO 3 / 無線藍牙耳機

新玩具介紹時間又到了。。。。這次回國後,拿到老妹的公司送員工的無線藍芽耳機,因為老妹覺得用不到,所以問我有沒有需要,說要送給我。。。當然,我一定說好的啊!!回國後一拿到耳機後發現。。。這個是Plantronics Back Beat Go 系列的第三代。。。而我之前介紹過的是Back Beat Go 第二代。。跟家裡女王討論過後,很愛我的女王很大方的把新的讓給我,女王自己接手我的第二代。。(其實如果女王要用新的,我還是會給女王新的啦~就是給我試用看看差別後,讓我可以分享,寫文章就可以了,但還是真的很感謝女王就是了)


1. 在外頭要聽音樂,拿出耳機,結果花了快10分鐘才把纏綿在一起的耳機線解開來。。囧!(收線器的發明由來)
2. 坐長途車帶著耳掛式/耳罩式耳機聽音樂,聽著聽著不小心睡著了,一醒來時發現,耳朵超紅超痛的。。囧!
3. 聽著手機的音樂時,忽然有電話進來,必須拔下耳機,接通電話時手忙腳亂的糗樣。。囧!(雖然現在幾乎很多耳機都有麥克風功能了就是)
4. 帶著帥氣的耳機出門跑步/健身,結果卻因為耳機的線纏著自己的手,打結成一團。。囧!(冏的不要不要的)
5. 因為天氣飄雨又或者運動流汗使得耳機秀斗或壞掉。。囧!

其他很多細節我就不再次詳細的寫嚕~~可參考此篇https://wp.me/p4zWEe-9v 的介紹!!



放鬆時想聽個好幾個小時的音樂也不會感的不舒適的感覺~~ 40 more words

Technology 3C / 科技3C

Review: 2017 Five Ten Freerider ESP

I have used these shoes for 3 months.

The shoe is  flexible the right way(up) but not too flexible, but won’t bend down(very important if you ride hard & ride on  gnarly trails and jump, this result in a shoe that is very comfortable to walk in, the Impact  shoes much stiffer, but they are still quite comfortable to walk in, I even played soccer with them once, but definitely not ideal for that use, obvious reasons. 569 more words

Mountainbike Protective Gear

Fire-Resistant, Water-Proof Paper Developed In China

China was first to invent paper, and now China is developing water-proof, fire resistant paper.  In the video after the break, you can see paper that won’t be burned up in fire or damped by water.   36 more words