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Photos: Introduction to The Asus GX700 first world water proof laptop

Gaming is a big theme of IFA 2015. Acer’s unleashing a whole new line of Predators and Lenovo is taking on the challenge with a new range of gaming PCs of its own. 330 more words


WindBreaker: Self Motivation

Once again those guys over at Indiezee did an amazing job with their photo shooting showcasing our BG Wind Breakers. We love all of the photos so much that we’re planning on shipping these guys a care package with 5+ items just to await the photoshoot that would come soon after. 85 more words

Water Proof

We love our supporters!

Big s/o to the homie @indi_ezee !!! Go follow him asap (on instagram) and check out his artwork. Get your BG products today by sending us a dm, email or simply comment below any of our pictures. 34 more words

Water Proof

A healthy start...

We’re back and we are here to stay. A more motivated BG. Its been a long journey to get to where we truly want to be but with our motivation and style its no way we shouldn’t reach our goals. 26 more words

Water Proof


It was raining cats and dogs in Montreal, and with my little green case from apple to protect my iPhone 6, I felt miserable. 196 more words


মাত্র ৫ টাকা খরচ করে আপনার জুতো জোড়াকে বানিয়ে ফেলুন “ওয়াটার প্রুফ” (ভিডিও সহ)

বেড়াতে বের হবেন বাহিরে প্রচুর বৃষ্টি। জুতো জোড়া তো ভিজবেই এবং পচবে, তাহলে কি করা যায়, এখন কি করবেন, তাহলে কি যাবেন না? উপায় হচ্ছে জুতো জোড়াকে ঘরে বসেই “ওয়াটারপ্রুফ” বানিয়ে ফেলা।

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Pee-Repellent Paint Put On San Francisco Buildings To Deter Public Urination

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — People thinking of relieving themselves against nine buildings in San Francisco may want to think twice, as city crews have just finished painting nine walls with… 147 more words