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Give For A Baby Shower

We’ve all heard of the phrase the seven-year itch. In truth, it could be two, five, or even ten years. Others call it the beginning of the end, and in every relationship, there’s nothing more frightening than that. 370 more words

The First Necessity For Survival: Water Purification

Water is the absolute most essential requirement for survival. Your body cannot go more than a couple of days without it. In the event of a disaster or social unrest, water that is safe for human consumption will be scarce. 521 more words

Drinking From A Stream?

You’ll recall that last weekend my friend, Adrian, and I drank from a stream close by a spring taking only swiftly running water.  No farm runoff nearby, nor any herd animals in the area.  137 more words


Final February Friday, 2012

I crossed the valley on the final Friday in February to substitute in a 6th Grade classroom.  The teacher left a good lesson plan… 543 more words


Water Purification Tablets

Hot water heater troubles are generally self-evident Water Purification Tablets, sometimes the lake will not become hot or the idea begins to trickle or perhaps… 729 more words

Water Purification Tablets

Packing List - Clothing and Toiletries

For all of you Peru Through the Lens adventurers, here’s a packing list to get you started! We’ll get an official packing list from G Adventures shortly as well, but in the mean time, here’s my list that I am working on. 564 more words


Stuck in Splitsville

Two days to go. Terrified I’m not ready. Chinese lessons and ESL training have been overwhelmed, awhile back, by troublesome bouts of sadness and procrastination, more recently by ordinary, panic-stricken hurrying here and there. 208 more words