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Building Better Water Rates in an Uncertain World

By Warren Tenney

Running a public water utility isn’t like any other business. This is because water is essential to everyone, at every economic level. Also, a city water utility isn’t out to make a profit. 563 more words


The cost of water will go up on your utility bill if rate increase is approved

Epcor will be before the utility committee next week applying to set the cost of the water rates for another five years.

The regulated rates would run from 2017-2021 if approved. 101 more words


New Drainage Fees Will Close Community Churches, Cripple Others Say Detroit Ministries

DETROIT (WWJ) – Calling the new drainage fees an “unauthorized tax on churches,” many faith-based ministries say the increase will cripple, even close many community churches. 200 more words


Beyond the Headlines: Facts about Your Drinking Water

By Warren Tenney

When media reports mix together the words “water” and “toxic” it’s no surprise the public would have concerns. Throw in a reference to an award winning film with Julia Roberts and certainly it must mean something is wrong with our water. 947 more words


When utility companies become predators

Here we go again. Our local utilities are crying their revenues are down because people are doing what we have been continually preached to do: reduce and conserve. 143 more words