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California Drinks to It: Toilet-to-Tap Becomes a “Thing”

We have posted about “toilet-to-tap”  initiatives in several cities in Texas in the past.  Now, California, is expanding their embrace of the technology.  From CNBC… 628 more words


California Water's Untapped Potential

With most of the state suffering through an exceptional level of drought, dismal snowpack data and tugs-of-war among all the needy constituencies, there is some pragmatism floating around.   141 more words


Salva la goccia (“Save the Drop”) Campaign

The “Salva la goccia” (“Save the drop”) campaign in Italy was created with the goal of turning everyone from a spectator into an actor. Participants take concrete actions and spread a message about water’s relevance as a common good. 240 more words


It's Time to Focus on "Local Water"

Beyond the need to invest significant capital in municipal water infrastructure improvement projects, towns both big and small can contribute to their water well-being by embracing the concept of local water outlined by Brian Young, Sustainable Infrastructure product manager at Autodesk,  in this recent article featured in the… 602 more words

Water Stress

Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

Karcher is the world’s leading provider of cleaning Equipment, systems and services forth both domestic and commercial industries. The name Kärcher is synonymous with ongoing innovation & excellent customer satisfaction; our products enable customer to solve their cleaning tasks in and economic and environmentally friendly manner. 149 more words

Gardene Pumps

The Secret Origins of Water

When you stop at a gas station and go inside to buy a bottle of water, some of the labels you see make a big deal out of the water’s origin. 840 more words


California Water Wrongs

There is little doubt in my mind that we are not experiencing our fourth year of drought. What we are experiencing is a return to the historic norm that kept the Southwest dry for thousands of years before we arrived. 794 more words

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