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Showers-to-Flowers vs Toilet to Tap

With the clarity of retrospect, we can now see that Steve Bilson of ReWater Systems was prophetic in 1999 when he said “unionized municipal employees are determined to make everyone drink treated sewage” via what is commonly called Toilet-to-Tap. 479 more words

Steve Bilson

Prevent water pollution in southwest with wastewater treatment plants

With the advancement of industry, the rate of pollution is getting enhanced day by day. The irresponsible use of chemicals, as well as water both in the domestic and commercial realms, can be considered as the prime reason for water contamination. 379 more words


Eco-Friendly Houses is the New Face of Homes

In this generation, no one is a stranger from climate change everyone is being affected by it.

One major cause of climate change is humanity itself plus the fact that in order for a human to survive he/she must work and feed itself leading to human activities such as agriculture and deforestation which hugely contributes to the alarming increase of carbon dioxide expelled into the atmosphere. 326 more words

Eco Friendly

One tip a day!

Do you have an aquarium at home? Imagine the need to empty gallons of water into the sink, especially during the summer, when the water levels are on an all time low! 59 more words

Container Gardening

Sharon Kleyne Recalls Water Recycling At Sutro Baths

Sutro Baths Anniversary Reminder of Water Innovation. Sharon Kleyne Acknowledges Sutro Baths Water Infrastructure.

Water, as most of us know, works with the sun to create all life on this planet. 452 more words

Sharon Kleyne