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Extreme Ways to Water

What if you really need additional water for plants, but your City limits you on the amount of water you may use?  Or what if you just can’t afford to water as much as you like?  1,122 more words

What is a Sustainable Green Building?

Sustainable Green Building is a concept that has gained popularity at a global level in the past few years. This is due to the fact that for a green building, starting from its construction it is ensured that waste is minimised at every level. 405 more words

Good Idea

How is Water Recycling an answer to our water crisis?

Today water recycling is considered the key to our water crisis. With great breakthroughs in all the areas of science, we have come to a conclusion that only self sustaining and holistic solutions are the way to go forward for a secure future. 729 more words

Save Water

Water Treatment Solutions for Industrial and Commercial Businesses

Many countries are facing issues of water pollution and degradation of water bodies. These factors make it imperative to put more efforts on waste water treatments at public as well as industrial level. 609 more words


back to blogging

After a long hiatus of being distracted by many other things, I am itching to get back to blogging. Look for more posts coming soon. 110 more words

Modernised Sewage Water Treatment USA Adding To the Popular Demand

Many industries in the USA are offering to install the large set up of wastewater treatment, especially because they need water and wish to protect the environment from the waste materials. 246 more words


24x7 Water Supply A Dream Come True - Arun Lakhani

India receives total annual rainfall of about 4,000 billion cubic metres (BCM). After loss through evaporation etc., the total water availability is about 1,869 BCM. When you further discount topographical characteristics and hydrological constraints, the quantity of usable water is 1,123 BCM. 428 more words