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3rd Tap: NEWater

NEWater: the name is pretty catchy, don’t ya think?  How would you feel after I told you it’s “shit water?”  Of course, the Singapore government goes to extra lengths to avoid that connotation.  654 more words

What California is getting right about the drought (hint: a lot)

The Golden State has lost some luster during the current drought, being excoriated for everything from reckless growth to poor crop choices (a gallon an almond?!!). 252 more words

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Woman tosses Apple computer that turns out to be worth $200G

MILPITAS, Calif. –  Her electronic waste is someone else’s treasure.

A recycling center in the Silicon Valley is looking for a woman who dropped recyclingfactsguide.com… 191 more words

Auto Recycling

Environment :: The Little Known Unique Properties of Scalar Energy

Despite being somewhat “out there,” the creation of scalar energy is quite simple to understand. Dr. Valerie Hunt. PhD, Professor Emeritus at UCLA, one of the leading researchers at the in the human bio-energy field, says it’s created when two opposing forces of common electromagnetic waves collide. 317 more words

Auto Recycling

INSTALLATION IN PROGRESS: 10 Star Homestar Project, Christchurch


Grey-water from the upstairs bathrooms will be  collected in the treatment tank. The INTEWA AQUALOOP SYSTEM… 90 more words

Rethinking the water cycle

by Martin Stuchtey

Three billion people will join the global consumer class over the next two decades, accelerating the degradation of natural resources and escalating competition for them. 2,549 more words


Пассив барилгын технологи

Өнөөдөр дэлхий дахинаа ногоон барилгажилт улам илүү их чухал шаардлагатай болж барилгын салбарт нэвтэрч буй шинэ технологиуд хэмнэлттэй, ээлтэй байхаар хөгжиж байна. Сэргээгдэх эх үүсвэрийг нэмэгдүүлж, нүүрстөрөгчийг багасгах гээд олон технологиуд бий болсоор байгаа.