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Water Treatment Solutions for Industrial and Commercial Businesses

Many countries are facing issues of water pollution and degradation of water bodies. These factors make it imperative to put more efforts on waste water treatments at public as well as industrial level. 609 more words


back to blogging in 2016

After a long hiatus of being distracted by many other things, I am itching to get back to blogging. Look for more posts coming soon, probably once every two weeks or so. 112 more words

Modernised Sewage Water Treatment USA Adding To the Popular Demand

Many industries in the USA are offering to install the large set up of wastewater treatment, especially because they need water and wish to protect the environment from the waste materials. 246 more words


24x7 Water Supply A Dream Come True - Arun Lakhani

India receives total annual rainfall of about 4,000 billion cubic metres (BCM). After loss through evaporation etc., the total water availability is about 1,869 BCM. When you further discount topographical characteristics and hydrological constraints, the quantity of usable water is 1,123 BCM. 428 more words


Military Wastewater Treatment for Small Groups with MBBR Technology

Water scarcity problems are quite common in many places especially in the remote areas and in military establishments. There have been lots of expenses towards provisioning the water particularly for drinking and also for washing purposes. 252 more words


Effective Separation Process for Package Plants for Wastewater with Good Filtration

The very essence of filtration can make the wastewater package plants extremely important for recycling. If the filtration technique is advanced, the package plants for wastewater can be designed in a compact manner. 232 more words


Giving an Impetus to Wastewater Cleaning With AMB Bio Media

Since the need of wastewater treatment has been realised by lots of industries and even domestic users, the moving bed bio filter media has gained prominence. 255 more words