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How MBBR Bio Media Gives Innovative Touch to Wastewater Plant Manufacturing

When wastewater plant treatments are being done, there is a lot of advantage that can be found for the organisations. Mostly for industrial establishments, there is a necessity of reusing the water from the recycling plants. 251 more words


Waste not now, and you won't want later

By Greg Long – 

In these days of water scarcity, it’s really distressing to see how much water is wasted every day.

I often drive past houses in Johannesburg and see huge amounts of water – beautiful, clean drinking water – being literally poured onto pavement gardens. 207 more words


Waste Water Recycling

All around the globe, individuals are turning out to be all the more ecologically cognizant. On our journey to wind up a greener planet, we have been moderating and recycling non-renewable assets, for example, coal and oil by utilizing vitality proficient apparatuses and changing some inefficient propensities. 401 more words



Our blog page hosts articles of interests and opinions about the kind of work we’re involved with. Blogs first appear under the menu, “Latest posts”. 18 more words


Smart Urban Water options: Recycle waste water

Recycling and reuse of wastewater is an important aspect of water management providing a way to increase available water while also preventing pollution of water bodies by sewage. 3,599 more words


3rd Tap: NEWater

NEWater: the name is pretty catchy, don’t ya think?  How would you feel after I told you it’s “shit water?”  Of course, the Singapore government goes to extra lengths to avoid that connotation.  654 more words

What California is getting right about the drought (hint: a lot)

The Golden State has lost some luster during the current drought, being excoriated for everything from reckless growth to poor crop choices (a gallon an almond?!!). 252 more words

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