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How to make a simple water rocket

There are so many ways to entertain yourself without costing so much money. Launching a water rocket is one of them. Have you been making a water rocket? 764 more words


Pertandingan Roket H2O 2014

Padang Tengku 9 Ogos 2014 – Kelab Falak SMAPTKL telah mengadakan Pertandingan Roket Air peringkat Sekolah bersempena Karnival Badan Dakwah yang berlangsung selama tiga hari bermula 8 Ogos sehingga 10 Ogos 2014.   38 more words


Water Rocket Workshop by Robosapiens

A water rocket is a sort of model rocket utilizing water as its response mass. The weight vessel—the motor of the rocket—is generally a utilized plastic soda flask. 321 more words

(^-^)_日 Root Beer!

I drank root beer for the first time in a long while. The feeling was quite a surprise. There was a lot of foam, but it didn’t have the “fizz” that Coca-Cola or Sprite has. 211 more words

Nose Cone Parachute Deployment from a Soda Bottle, Rubber Band, and Servo

This piece of engineering is so simple and elegant, you’ll want to build a pretty serious water rocket just so you can try it out. It’s… 217 more words

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