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Big it up for the Kingstown Blazers

Hats off to the Irish Sailing Association for its successful campaign to persuade owners of diesel-powered pleasure craft to pay the Mineral Oil Tax. The ISA reckoned that… 279 more words


Better drowned than duffers

The Irish Sailing Association is at it again, lobbying for the retention of a system under which the vast majority of owners of diesel-powered private pleasure craft can safely engage in tax dodging. 567 more words

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Impractical Boat Owner

We list only walk-ashore berths with mast-up access from the coast.

Thus Practical Boat Owner 585 April 2015 in its 2015 Marina price guide.

I do not know how a yacht can reach Kinnego or Sandy Bay Marina on Lough Neagh, from the coast, with its mast up.

Extant Waterways

MCIB kicks ass

Marine Casualty Investigation Board report Investigation into the loss of the Sail Training Passenger Vessel STV Astrid on 24th July 2013 PDF here. Very long but, apart from the photos, the meat is in the first part. 53 more words


Roll up! Roll up!

Download the form for paying Mineral Oil Tax on green diesel used for private pleasure navigation here . The Kingstown Blazers are relying on you to save green diesel supplies: 90 more words


Water Sports Activities in Florida

Florida is a perfect place for all kinds of water sports activities. With 8,500 miles of tidal shoreline, 7,800 lakes, 320 springs and 35 rivers.Tropical islands, the Florida keys, coral reefs, Gulf of Mexico, endless white beaches, the Atlantic coast, crystal clear bubbling springs, wetlands and fast flowing rivers are just some of the waters sports activities you can find here. 396 more words

Water Sports Activities