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A Three Hour Tour...

45 years ago my wife Bonnie and I were married.  We then went on our honeymoon. She went to Arizona and I….   Well, as I was training to fly F4 combat missions in South East Asia, I went to Florida for… 762 more words

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The First Step to Swimming out into the Great Blue Beyond: Breath Control

Welcome back Foot Splashers and Seasoned Swimmers!💦 Today’s topic concerns the very first skill one must master on their journey to becoming master of the 6 Feets and Seas (Just 6 though because Christian, the Great Octopus Wrangler, will always hold the 7th🐙). 402 more words

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How to Create Makeshift Inflatable Device with your PANTS (Video)

Today’s installment is Part 2 of what to do if you find yourself (Lonely Foot Splasher of Seasoned Swimmer) fully dressed in the water with help far off. 166 more words

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How to Create a Makeshift Inflatable Device with your Shirt (Video)

It’s not every day that one plans to be in the water fully dressed, Foot Splasher or Seasoned Swimmer. Today’s topic covers just that… 197 more words

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Lonely Foot Splasher Chronicles #1

Lonely Foot Splasher Chronicles #1 📝: It’s July 28, 2017. You’re feeling rather proud of yourself, but you have your doubts. You’ve attended every pool & yacht party… 296 more words

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Have you ever played, "Does it Float?"

On Thursday and Friday (July 27th-28th), Harris County ESD 48 held Water Rescue Swim Tests at Morton Ranch High School as the first step in beginning to certify our crews in the operation of our brand new Water Rescue boats (courtesy of Firehouse Public Safety Foundation).   133 more words



I have lost my bearing and do not know which way to go!  It is getting dark in a hurry in this forest and from the taste in my mouth I was 208 more words