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Delhi HC asks civic agencies of steps taken for rainwater harvesting.

The Delhi High Court has asked all civic agencies whether they have taken steps to encourage rainwater harvesting in the national capital and sought a detailed report from them on the current status of their initiatives. 8 more words

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Water usage in sustainomics

Todays post is inspired by all the recent water bans I have been seeing in the news. California has been in a state of drought for the last 4 years but other states that are receiving ample rainfall and snow over the years have stared to issue water bans. 914 more words


Rainwater harvesting still a far cry.

About 80 per cent of the rainwater that the state receives each monsoon goes unutilised. That is, it flows back into the sea without recharging groundwater or natural and man-made water bodies. 6 more words

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How do you measure safety? The bottled water disaster

The accessibility of clean drinking water changed the public health landscape. For centuries contaminated water left human populations vulnerable to waterborne diseases like dysentery, cholera, typhoid fever, botulism and other nasty parasites, protozoa and bacteria. 929 more words

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This village’s unique rain water harvesting plan has revived a dry pond.

Rainwater harvesting is not limited to cities or villages but tribals are also getting benefit from it. The Bhil tribals of Hathipawa hillock of Jhabua district have revived their dry pond where children use to play cricket during dry spell, with the technique of rainwater harvesting.  13 more words

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Ibrahimpur Ready To Harvest Rainwater

Although Ibrahimpur is a small village in Telangana but has many accolades in its name. After getting Nirmal Gram Puraskar in 2013 it is one of the mosquito-free village and has increases its green cover by planting 42,000 saplings during last Haritha Haram programmer. 47 more words

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Thinking up ways to tackle drought: Modi

Prime minister Narendra Modi has requested people for saving water and its conservation. He has requested people to use traditional methods of optimum utilisation of water like drip irrigation and rainwater harvesting for saving water and protecting resources like ponds. 21 more words

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