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How is Water Recycling an answer to our water crisis?

Today water recycling is considered the key to our water crisis. With great breakthroughs in all the areas of science, we have come to a conclusion that only self sustaining and holistic solutions are the way to go forward for a secure future. 729 more words

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No Water Bottles on the SUNY New Paltz Campus

This week I went out and interviewed students and faculty to see how they felt about water bottles no longer being sold on campus. I found that people were generally upset and would prefer if the campus would bring back water bottles. 14 more words

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Knorr Campaign Asks Consumers to ‘Eat’ Less Water

Knorr claims that addressing water waste is therefore “more important than ever,” and launched its new campaign during World Water Week in partnership with the Water Footprint Network (WFN). 18 more words

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Why maintaining Sewage Treatment Plants in condominium is difficult?

Sewage Treatment Plants seem like the answer to many water related concerns today. They help us re-utilise and manage water supply efficiently. But this system also comes with its own set of challenges. 384 more words

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Rainwater harvesting made mandatory in rural areas too.

Rainwater harvesting mandatory for all commercial/residential buildings above 2,000 sq ft area. The zilla panchayat building at Kottara has such a system, which can collect about 1.30 lakh litres of rainwater during monsoon. 10 more words

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What is Self Sustaining Hydroponics?

With more and more emphasis on Sustainable Water Management it is essential that wastage of water, especially potable or fresh water is minimised. Over the past few years, concepts like Wastewater management or Greywater management have gained huge attention and acceptance. 423 more words

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Delhi: NGT seeks report on rain water harvesting in govt buildings.

The National Green Tribunal has directed the Delhi government and other agencies to prepare a comprehensive report on whether government buildings, bridges and flyovers have installed rain water harvesting systems and if they are functional. 8 more words

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