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How to convert your landscape into a waste water treatment plant?

Landscapes provide a calming and serene touch to any space. Landscape architecture can be defined as the skill of incorporating the man-made structures, like buildings, with the natural landscape and planting. 818 more words

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Rainwater harvesting pits tackle waterlogging in a few housing societies.

Rainwater is a natural source of good quality water and needs to be protected, conserved and used for the benefit of mankind. Besides ground rainwater harvesting pits, I think rooftop rainwater harvesting should also be installed to save potable water. 10 more words

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What are Wastewater Treatment Landscapes?

Wastewater Treatment Landscapes or Sewage Treatment Plants Landscapes are the landscape structures which are build in such a way so as to efficiently use the wastewater from the treatment plants while obscuring the Sewage Treatment Plant from plain site and at the same time adding a green space to the complex. 387 more words

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Rainwater harvesting made easy at DJB centres.

 A small room in a corner houses informative boards, posters and rainwater harvesting (RWH) models. Help is also at hand for those who want to understand how to build RWH pits at home. 12 more words

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The waterless washing machine

Sustainability Problem

  • Water is a scarce resource in our planet that needs to be consumed efficiently.
  • Electricity from fossil fuels is one of the main greenhouse gas emissions sources that are causing climate change.
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