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Jurassic water tank video

My jurassic water tank

1 male betta, 2 male guppies (full black, American blue), 2 diamond head neon tetras, 5 Ember tetras, 3 wrestling halfbeak, 1 Sterba’s corridors, 1 otocinclus, 3 cherry shrimps, 2 sushi shrimps, 1 yellow shrimp and 1 helena snail.


Echoes of Our Street

Momentum has increased this week in our little cul-de-sac. It has been a positive hive of activity. The Retired Husband (TRH) and I took a trip to the rainwater tank seller to see what had happened to our order. 511 more words

Story Corner


Sometimes bad ideas produce good results.  Because of the strength of Big Ag lobbying and anti-government politics in America much of our public land outside national parks is regularly used for extraction of profit and resources, from oil drilling and water bottling to burger production. 471 more words


3 Essential Qualities That Make Your Water Tank Live Long

The three qualities of a good water tank are the capacity, plastic and best price. The first thing that you must notice is the capacity of the tank. 26 more words

Water Tank

Day 112 6.14.15

New water tanking achievement, hiked almost 14 miles on roughly 2.5 liters of water because I am bat shit insane. Well, to be honest it was because not a whole lot of options made themselves available on this typical, dry, and rocky day in Pennsylvania. 642 more words

Oops I Did It Again: The house with no water in its tank.

Ok, ok, ok. So I was too caught up in so many “important” things that I forgot to check on the water tank level.

I mean, I walk past it about ten times a day! 159 more words


Essential Things to Consider While Finding the Best of Special Tanks

Depending on the different requirements of storage, the human beings have developed needs of different types of tanks. For example, the tanks for storing water can be different from those of the fuel tanks, and also the tanks for storing rainwater can be different from those of extinguishing fire tanks. 286 more words

Overflow Tank