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Digging trenches

In the last two weeks we were preoccupied with digging. Or rather, with watching digging.

We hired our old friend to do what was supposed to be ‘a day or two job’, but somehow he ended up staying for two weeks (on and off) and literally digging up massive rocks for drainage and sewerage pipes for two other unrenovated wings of Casas15. 567 more words

Farmhouse Renovation

More soak than splash

Another series of thunderstorms and even hail this time.

The gutters are overflowing.

The drive has a riverbed down the middle of it.

Even before it all started, the overflow from the blue pig water tank was splashing merrily onto the top tile of its cascade.

Living In Italy

Geomembrane Pond manufacturer & supplier In India

Wetcomb.com likewise make Covered High Thickness Polyethylene (HDPE) Woven Fabric (Geomembrane) for water confirmation lining which is broadly utilized as pond coating as a part of India. 363 more words

Pond Liner Manufacturer In India

Flexi Mat

Featured in the new Maximum Yield.


This new and innovative product has been brought to market as a great alternative to the traditional hard plastic catchment tray, which can be cumbersome. 129 more words

Hydroponic Products

How to plan a water tank ?

Dear Friends ,

Now we shall learn to find out the actual dimensions of the water tank if the total capacity is given.

Look at this slide for basic steps to follow : 12 more words



Dear Friends ,

Today we shall learn ,how to know the capacity of the water tank.