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Bathing using a bucket

What if water was rationed or cut off how would you keep yourself clean?

Using a bucket to bath and a mug to wash oneself is certainly a simple way to keep clean while conserving water. 368 more words

Are data centers culprits in California's drought?

To be sure there is no shortage of alleged water wasters contributing to California’s worsening drought situation. They range from almond growers to Rancho Santa Fe… 402 more words



According to California Department of Water Resources, Californians use an average of 196 gallons of water per capita per day, including all businesses except agriculture. But there are wide differences by community, and the moist coasts uses less water than the arid inland. 26 more words


San Francisco to builders: Don't flush our drinking water

Ask a San Franciscan—native or adopted—what we love about our town, and water will be high on the list. We have a history of fighting… 410 more words

San Francisco

Organic Farmers Object to Whole Foods Rating System

Matt Rogers, associate global produce coordinator at Whole Foods, said the program was an attempt to help consumers make choices, and he noted that by forbidding some if not all pesticides and awarding points for conservation and reduced water use, Whole Foods is raising the bar for conventional suppliers and inching them closer to organic standards.

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Farmers Markets

City park watering on a Monday? Find out why...

Sprinklers are on in Sacramento’s Land Park. At 1130am. Isn’t Monday a no-watering day, @TheCityofSac ? #CAdroughtpic.twitter.com/tKm8OCLbKz

— David Bienick (@kcrabienick) June 8, 2015…

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