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The Coming Water Apocalypse

Is there really a society-ending-water-shortage or a coming water apocalypse as some are presently predicting, and if so, then what can we do in order to avoid the apocalypse? 1,852 more words

The new weapons of mass destruction

The Pope said it. The truth about media today, when he called journalism a form of terror being used to foment fear and hatred among people. 769 more words

Water Wars

People around the world are now fighting for a FREE, God-given resource – WATER

Freshwater is fast becoming more valuable than gold. Various parts of the world are experiencing growing water-related conflicts and tension, particularly developing countries in the Middle East, South Asia,  Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America. 705 more words


The Cauvery water war - Livemint Team

The Cauvery issue blew up because of the increase in demand for its water. The rise in demand was primarily due to three reasons. First, the expansion of cities such as Bengaluru and Mysuru. 804 more words


Water Wars

We human beings have some basic needs water is one of that. In modern world where countries, people of different sects, states have various conflicting issues, water is one of them. 389 more words

Water Privatization- the quest for control of humanity

At a spiritual retreat six years ago, I had an overwhelming vision (of the future?): Giant ice caps melting, water, water, water, the human struggle for clean water. 2,449 more words

Access To Clean Water