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Day 8 - Pick a struggle

Have you ever had a conversation with someone, particularly a younger person or someone with less life experience than you, where you left the conversation thinking “Aaawww, Nunus, you have absolutely NO idea what you’re getting yourself into…”? 487 more words


Blue Ocean Floor/Anniversary of an Uninteresting Event

This is a painting of my bestie, conjured up from the depths of the ocean by Justin F’n Timberlake and Deftones. You will never know peace like Anniversary of an Uninteresting Event. 13 more words

The lord ( Jesus Christ) is...

…my shepherd, I shall not want. Hallelujah!

What a promise! If the lord (Jesus) is your shepherd, you shall not want. Jesus Leads you to green pastures, Jesus leads you to still waters. 43 more words