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Better late than never...

Happy new year, 2016!

So it’s been a long time since my last blog post – and a lot has happened in that time! I’ve completed my main intrapartum placement for this year and had the privilege of catching 15 beautiful babies and supporting many more parents as their families expanded. 760 more words

Choosing Your Birth Team

I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a great birth team to make your dream birthing experience a reality. In my own… 2,073 more words

Birthing Without Fear

We made the decision to have a natural birth about halfway through our pregnancy. “Natural” as in an unmedicated, vaginal delivery. I’m not gonna lie, at first it started as an ego trip. 939 more words

Birth Plan

Waterbirth for Doulas

People have been using water to soothe aches, pains, anxieties, chase away demons, and to cleanse themselves of impurities for all of history. Those of us who have experienced menstrual cramping know that a hot bath can be a blessing- it makes sense that someone realized that stepping into their tub during labour would be comforting. 131 more words

Sleepless South of the Border

My thoughts are full of my baby girl who will join us in 8 short weeks… She wakes me up in the night, and I lie awake thinking of what I need to do, questions I need to ask, and money I need to save. 612 more words

Life Changes

My first water birth experience

It’s absolutely unreal to me that I gave birth to my sweet Kaidenbugg nearly two years ago! I will always remember his beautiful and blessed birth. 1,370 more words

Our home birth adventure, part 1

My sweet little fella is turning two!!! Every time I get a little glance at him I am overwhelmed by how quickly it all happens. And yes, that’s the same schmucky talk that every parent says about their little prince or princess. 876 more words