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This is My Story`

In today’s world anybody has the power to influence other people. We are given so many platforms to be able to do this- its a gift. 2,309 more words


Baby was fine so I did not see a reason for induction

I just want to tell you it is possible to have a positive birth. I was pregnant with my second child and so nervous and scared of labour. 795 more words

Birth Stories

Let's Talk Water Births

Let’s talk water births. I love the idea of a water birth and love to hear when mommas opt for a water birth. A water birth is exactly what it appears to be. 726 more words

An update

Hello all!

I know I don’t have many followers yet, and they ones I have gotten are more interested in my recipe posts then they are in my personal ones, but I figured I owed you all an update on my life so far. 877 more words


Labor and Birth in Water: The Tide is Turning

Lois Wattis, CM, FACM, IBCLC, examines the safety and benefits of labor and birth in water and shows how the tide is turning to allow more women to choose to enjoy a waterbirth. 1,646 more words


Birthing Like A Boss

I feel incredibly lucky to have had two relatively straight forward birth experiences. I put this largely down to hypnobirthing (which is offered for free on the NHS in Colchester) during both of my pregnancies. 1,853 more words

Empowering birth experience made me a confident mother

My dream was to birth my baby in water after hearing the birth stories of my friends who had amazing experiences labouring and delivering their babies in a pool. 1,102 more words

Birth Stories