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My first water birth experience

It’s absolutely unreal to me that I gave birth to my sweet Kaidenbugg nearly two years ago! I will always remember his beautiful and blessed birth. 1,370 more words

Our home birth adventure, part 1

My sweet little fella is turning two!!! Every time I get a little glance at him I am overwhelmed by how quickly it all happens. And yes, that’s the same schmucky talk that every parent says about their little prince or princess. 876 more words


Worth the Wait (Part I)

Finally, the baby’s arrived! :D

Setelah menunggu dengan bahagia selama #40minggu, akhirnya Si Bayi lahir juga melalui proses persalinan normal dengan metode water birth… 868 more words


An Unexpected Waterbirth

October 14th, 2015 (37 weeks and 3 days)

As I mentioned earlier, I just had a feeling that the baby was coming soon. At my appointment that day, I asked my midwife to check me… normally I wouldn’t have asked, but I felt like I needed to know in order to make a plan for the rest of the day.  1,905 more words

Tulip Mileina's Water Birth

There was a part of me that was in denial upon finally confirming we are having another baby. Well, we agreed to try for another one when Matilda turns 2, so, it shouldn’t have been a surprise to find out we are expecting again. 2,915 more words

Hurrah! Baby arrived safely!

We are so happy and relieved to welcome our cosy little warm snuggly bundle into this world! Thank you everyone for all your prayers and support! 104 more words


My birth story

OK so, sorry it’s taken 3 months to get down to this, but it turns out looking after a tiny human is pretty full on! Yes – I have my own tiny human and am here to tell the tale…I SURVIVED CHILDBIRTH! 785 more words