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Unmedicated Birth/Water Birth

When I was pregnant with my son I didn’t look forward to labor and delivery, it was just something I had to get through. I did not embrace it or see the beauty of it, I got the epidural as soon as I was able to and that’s it. 305 more words


Gentle Birth

This journey started with a “YES” and moved on with a 2-stripe indicator in the bathroom. I immediately saw myself undergoing water birth, and a subtle way of seeking my husband’s support and approval for this was through those beautifully shot water birth YouTube videos and photos. 1,065 more words

Emmerson Henry's Birth Story

We knew from our experience trying to conceive Jameson we would have to seek medical assistance again. LRMCs policy is you have to try for a year before they will help. 6,948 more words

Military Family

Water Birth

After a long hard day, what do some women like to do?  They like to take a long, warm and relaxing bath, so then, for a lot of pregnant woman, water birth is inviting. 305 more words



I get a lot of questions about waterbirth. “Do you do them?” “Is it beneficial?” “Are there risks?” “Can I have one?” Some of these questions arise from hospital policies and even… 327 more words


My Birth Story

Don’t worry – I won’t give any graphic details about placentas and icky bits! However, if you are especially sensitive then maybe don’t read this post because as you probably all know by now, I really don’t sugar coat! 1,565 more words

Arthur Thomas Gingell 

My gorgeous boy Arthur (after his great Grampy) arrived safe and well by natural water birth at 9:25am on Friday 15th July weighing 6lb 11.5oz. … 120 more words