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Birthing Like A Boss

I feel incredibly lucky to have had two relatively straight forward birth experiences. I put this largely down to hypnobirthing (which is offered for free on the NHS in Colchester) during both of my pregnancies. 1,853 more words

Empowering birth experience made me a confident mother

My dream was to birth my baby in water after hearing the birth stories of my friends who had amazing experiences labouring and delivering their babies in a pool. 1,102 more words

Birth Stories

Why I Chose to Home Birth

You are // made from everything // That I am // We are // made from everything // That the stars are // I can feel // Your heart // beat // Within mine // The rhythm //  513 more words


Induced Labour

“Among other things, Induced Labor was listed as under, worse than normal childbirth”-

This is typically believed to be because your body is thrown into labor and rather than a slow build up, the goal is to get you to contractions every three minutes as quickly as possible and stay there until the baby comes out. 156 more words


The Homebirth of Avi

I haven’t intentionally been putting this off, I just have a two month old baby, so I have been distracted…in a good way.   It dawned on me that I’m starting to forget small details and bits of my labor are becoming more of a blur so I need to get the memories down. 2,193 more words

How bad is labour?

There is not one answer to this question, as indeed every labour is an individual and unique experience.

Whilst I was pregnant giving birth was an issue I was most anxious about. 384 more words


Baby caught by her grandmother

After my first baby’s suction delivery performed by a busy doctor in Japan, keen to get him out before going to a conference later that day, I wanted a different experience for my second child. 1,435 more words

Birth Stories