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Welcome, Summer, and all that you have in store

This Summer solstice – the beginning of a new season and the sunset of a gloomy Spring – is also Father’s Day.

Just one month ago we lost the patriarch of our family: a larger-than-life man whose presence brightened every room he entered; a man who became just as known for his success as for the generous friend and family man he was. 1,212 more words

Midwives Rock: Confessions of an OB/GYN Physician

I am an OB/GYN physician and…

I love midwives. In fact, I think MIDWIVES ROCK. Midwives deliver over 50% of the babies in our birth unit. 631 more words

Congratulations, you are pregnant!

So you are pregnant. maybe it was planned or maybe it wasn’t. Either way, where to from here?

Do you tell everyone before the 3 month mark? 1,121 more words

Becoming A Parent

Why Lotus Birthing?

A Lotus Birth to us was making the conscious choice of what was right for our baby. It just doesn’t make sense to cut a living organism off another living organism. 804 more words

Becoming A Parent

Why didn't anyone tell me about Hypno Birthing years ago?

I still remember laying on the hospital bed coming to the finish line of birthing my third child. All through my pregnancy I kept saying fast labour fast labour, quick birth. 862 more words

Becoming A Parent

Cervical Slip-N-Slide: A Home Water Birth Story (part 2)

Jordan and I have lived in 3 different apartments since getting married 6 years ago. So once we decided on a home birth, it only made sense to do it at the place I lived the longest. 1,319 more words

My Birth Story - v2.0

The one where I met Arlo Bear…


So my waters had gone, I’d managed to convinced myself it wasn’t wee, based on the fact I’d gone to the toilet mere moments before fridge-gate (so low was my trust in the stability of my bladder), and I’d just sat down to write my Christmas cards… You can read about that… 2,628 more words