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Cerita Amma: Pengalaman Pertama Melahirkan (repost)

(Sebelumnya udah pernah nulis cerita ini, tapi mau nulis ulang versi lebih niat hehehe)

Pagi, 1 Mei 2014

Sekitar jam 3 pagi aku mulai ngerasain mules yang cukup teratur dan juga mulai keluar flek merah. 1,023 more words


My Reason To Shoot Birth

There is nothing that gives me goosebumps more than seeing a woman and her baby look at each other for the first time. I get goosebumps because I know exactly how it feels. 509 more words


The Value of Birth Photography

What is the value of birth photography?” Wow, what a question. It’s one of those things where too many thoughts come into your head like too many people trying to fit through a doorway. 1,314 more words



Some people who are reading will know who I am and will already have a pretty good idea of what this blog is going to be about (I’m not subtle about my baby, mother and birth obsession, and I’m also one of… 1,039 more words


Rainbow Baby 2.0 - Labour & Birth Story

** contains photos of nudity – NSFW **

10 July 2017

Mrs G had just returned from her holiday to France and needed assistance. I'd had a lazy morning, we really needed the cash, so I agreed to go through. 1,871 more words

The Birth Story of Nova June (with pictures and some video)

This is my third birth story and while there are many details surrounding before and after that birth, the birth itself was fast! Just a little warning: if preggo baby belly, or a little bit of blood, or Labor Face bothers you, you may want to skip on through.   3,155 more words


A Homebirth Story- Porter James

I read an awful lot of books during my pregnancy. When I found out I was pregnant in November, it was a complete shock, and not at all what I was planning to do with myself for the upcoming year. 1,629 more words