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Calvin's birth story: be careful what you wish for...

Dear sisters,

Remember 8 days ago when I posted about life at 38 weeks and said “Waiting is the hardest part?” HAH. If only I’d known that the next morning labor would start around 5am with mild, confusing contractions that turned into active labor by 11am and had me delivering a baby boy into a birthing tub by 2:52pm. 2,892 more words


The Birth Story of Emree Rose Olson

Two months later and I’m finally finding the energy and well, time, to write down the birth story of Emree.  I’ve had bits and pieces of it laying around. 3,790 more words

There is still a lot of nervousness regarding home and water births attended by registered midwives. I personally think the fear is due the lack of knowledge most people have.

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Home Birth Supply List

It’s nice to be prepared.

I’m dedicating this post to the things that I’ve found that are helpful for a home birth. Keep in mind that you really don’t need much outside of yourself to give birth! 2,632 more words

He has a plan

It has been a year and a half today March 26, 2015 since my son Liam was born. It has been the greatest yet hardest time of my life. 743 more words


Cascades Of Water

I mentioned in my last post about women being warriors. Whether it’s 3 days or 3 hours, its like I knew….

Birth can be a great healing process. 594 more words


Waterbirth - Frisco, TX

Some of our clients enjoy sharing their birth stories or photography in order to encourage and inspire others.  We try to share these from time to time.   30 more words