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No April Fools, this baby is coming!

I was so sick of being pregnant. I wasn’t even due yet and all I wanted was to give birth already. I had been talking to friends about how convenient it would be to have our boy on the 1st of April. 968 more words

Trail to the Absence of Fear (or, Why I Believe Birth Truly is Best Done Within the Laboring Mama's Safe Place)

Photo credit :  http://www.womansday.com/life/real-women/g1916/12-stunning-photos-that-perfectly-capture-the-beauty-of-giving-birth/, via Babymoon Birth Services

My firstborn son was birthed delivered in the mainstream way: I was on my back, had an epidural to lessen/take away the pain, pitocin was dripping into my bloodstream via the IV, and I was failing. 1,096 more words


Photography: An Honor and a Privilege


I had the recent privilege to photograph a family’s water birth at Marin General. It was one of the most moving experiences of my life let alone my career. 58 more words

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Fadoom Part 1


Five weeks? 7 weeks tomrrow? I did send this 6 weeks ago, thai post mate.

You have been busy. I have been distraught. I wish I knew more. 917 more words

Childbirth – is it lovely?

I am an intelligent, educated, empowered, professional woman, who conceived while in love and largely enjoyed being pregnant and was joyful about the prospect of meeting my babies. 2,501 more words


Jacki's Story

My name is Jacki Barker and I am a doula with a busy business in Sydney Australia. I teach parents HypnoBirthing using Marie Mongan’s Method which helps to achieve wonderful calm and joyful births. 316 more words