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Why didn't anyone tell me about Hypno Birthing years ago?

I still remember laying on the hospital bed coming to the finish line of birthing my third child. All through my pregnancy I kept saying fast labour fast labour, quick birth. 862 more words

Becoming A Parent

Cervical Slip-N-Slide: A Home Water Birth Story (part 2)

Jordan and I have lived in 3 different apartments since getting married 6 years ago. So once we decided on a home birth, it only made sense to do it at the place I lived the longest. 1,319 more words

My Birth Story - v2.0

The one where I met Arlo Bear…


So my waters had gone, I’d managed to convinced myself it wasn’t wee, based on the fact I’d gone to the toilet mere moments before fridge-gate (so low was my trust in the stability of my bladder), and I’d just sat down to write my Christmas cards… You can read about that… 2,628 more words


Pregnancy Diary - Week 40!

Preparing to meet our water baby

Firstly apologies this is so delayed. As you can probably guess I had my baby! The last five weeks I have mainly spent breastfeeding, watching him sleep, falling in love and trying to squeeze in the occasional shower. 1,444 more words


Ten Things Women Say in Labor (that are totally normal!)

Written by Aly Folin, CPM, LM, North Star Midwifery & Erin Stertz-Follett, CD(DONA), Flutterby Birth Services

After attending many births, it is safe to say that we as midwives and doulas have heard just about everything you can imagine come out of the mouths of the beautiful, strong laboring women before us. 1,300 more words

Killian Jack's Natural Home Birth, Part 1

Four months ago, to the day. That is when my life changed. That is when a mother and a son was birthed, right in my living room. 1,400 more words