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Odessa the Owl in Watercolor

Odessa the Barn Owl in Watercolor – 8×10 140lb Cold Press SaundersOdessa the Owl – A Wise Old Barn Owl in Watercolor.

A blogging friend, Carolyn, at… 112 more words


Successful Lessons

I am calling this my successful fail, this was my first attempt at using a couple of new tools. It was a fail because it did not turn out how I would have liked but successful because I learned some valuable lessons in the process. 522 more words


Inside Out

frames skies tearing,
the boundaries erased.
Feelings pass through thinking and weep.
Defenses dissolving,
cleansed by water
and air.

For Sue Vincent’s photo prompts, below (late again).


The Professor And Maryann

The professor could be a drip sometimes…

So Maryann would come to his rescue!

OK, not really but the title sounded FUN!  Remember Gilligan’s Island?  If you lived in the United States the 1960’s and ’70’s… (I’m probably dating myself here a little…)  😮 Lol! 43 more words

Cactus 🌵

Here are some quick cactus illsutrations I painted in the eveing. You can see a small video clip on my Instagram. It was fun painting these quick doodles. 10 more words



Teaching is an art form.  The classroom is not unlike the stage in a theatrical production. The teacher performs his lessons and the students are drawn in by the vitality and enthusiasm of the presentation. 353 more words



 the future is exploded
time again undone