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The Insomnia Chronicles

The lack of sleep I’ve been getting is causing some pretty significant problems…

…but I can’t complain about the fun paintings that are resulting from my nightly midnight rendezvous with my sketchbook!

May Fashion Pairings

Saw this actress in a magazine wearing a boxed-type top over a flesh colored inner top that’s stiched to an A-line skirt. That became my inspiration for this month’s fashion pairings. Enjoy!!

Watercolor Journal


It’s been a little bit of a hard, beautiful, busy, painful, and exciting time for me lately….and it looks to continue that way–and I’m not complaining about it! 39 more words

A Man on the Corner

I noticed a man on the corner, just outside the shadows of Haight Street. Like many others, his large backpack was laying on the sidewalk behind him. 96 more words

San Francisco


I started another painting outside today and finished it this evening.  It was a colder day and I used a lot of ultramarine blue and burnt umber to reflect the “greyness.”

San Francisco

The Orange Van

On my ventures out to sketch, I’ve probably walked by this van a hundred times and never without briefly looking over to admire it.  The lines of the body, the windows, and the utility of its design capture my imagination for a moment and become one more piece of my life in San Francisco, where Volkswagen vans still abound.   118 more words

San Francisco