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Xi'an Unleavend Bread in Lamb Stew

Bought a set of watercolor postcards from Xi’an. I tried to make my own version of someone preparing this Shaanxi specialty.

Watercolor Journal

Home is where the butt sits...

Home is a great place to be. After a whirlwind two weeks driving cross country to our final desitnation with family in California, and a total of seven states, 70 hours in a rental van, and 4,824 miles behind us, home is a really great place to be. 636 more words


Becoming Still

To be still is to be unmoved, calm, quiet, steady, not easily provoked, not easily shaken. It is a command from God who can quiet a storm with a single word.

Watercolor Journal

Throw Down the Brush!

Sometimes you just have to throw down the paint brush(or place it neatly on the table, since they are so spendy…).

This weekend was one of those times. 360 more words

Watercolor Painting

Only in the Philippines Series #1

I thought of starting a watercolor series on some of the things I consider to be unique and a stand-out here in the Philippines.

Let me know if you have any suggestions for this series that you want me to paint.

Watercolor Journal

The Insomnia Chronicles

The lack of sleep I’ve been getting is causing some pretty significant problems…

…but I can’t complain about the fun paintings that are resulting from my nightly midnight rendezvous with my sketchbook!