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Christmas Stockings

Day 5 in the Christmas countdown. We actually don’t hang our stockings on the mantle. Before we had a fireplace, we hung them on the banister. 177 more words



Wind rose on the dim precinct where a few park regulars wandered up and down. Stinky smell wafted from the stack of the renovation materials by the side of the entrance square continued to pervade the park. 172 more words

Phenomenal Photos

Magic Moments-Clouds

More cloud studies.

This past week we have had everything except cumulus nimbus from roll clouds to sheer zones, mares tails, stratus, strata nimbus, mackerel, and fair weather cumulus and more. 71 more words

Devotion Dec 4, 2016

So many speak of Me without seeing Me. They speak of times others have seen Me, but they close their hearts to really knowing Me. They take what was given in the past and make a lifestyle around it of traditions and requirements. 261 more words

Daily Devotional

Christmas Ornament

Day 4 in my creative countdown to Christmas. Last month when I was painting in watercolor everyday, following the World Watercolor Group’s November prompts, I focused on adding shadows. 312 more words



The stinky smell of the chemicals pervaded the entrance square of the park. No body wanted to stay there and so was I. I speeded up my walking pace on the brownish dim pathway. 122 more words

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Apartment Cocktails in Watercolor

As we begin the holiday season, you are likely planning out your season calendar of errands, family events, and work projects. On a related note, I decided to paint up the favorite cocktails in my home. 32 more words