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Magic Moments-just peaches and lilies

Life has gotten bigger than me and I am scrambling to catch up. A friend just gave me some tiger lily bulb-lets; they need to be planted out right away and the peach trees are dripping peaches. 144 more words

Watercolor Painting

Instagram for WoL

Started an instagram account for WestofLunch — @WestofLunch.

I worked from a photograph for this one, which allowed me to focus on seeing the light and the shadows, as well as the colour tones.  36 more words

Miniature Painting - Reflect

Reflect (2.5 x 3.5 inches; watercolor)
My latest painting!


Miniature Painting - Season's End

Season’s End (2.5 x 3.5 inches; watercolor)

A late autumn scene is the theme of this watercolor painting. I used this painting for a promotional giveaway at the ArtYah Community Forum. 8 more words


A Cloudy Day at Surf Camp

The second day my son participated in surf camp was a cloudy day. When I saw my pictures I decided to try to paint the clouds, as many of my ocean paintings have clear blue skies. 71 more words


Karlsruhe Marktplatz sketch

A month ago– a mere four weeks–I was sitting on this busy square in downtown Karlsruhe, Germany, enjoying a latte at a sidewalk cafe and idly sketching the scene in front of me, busy (still!) with construction of an underground train system.   77 more words