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#ArtBlog 36

Remember last night, I tried to make a random Ophelia sketch from Hamlet. Now i tried to paint a new one now in my own… 24 more words



The morning was bright and dry. I met the nasty guy at the entrance of the path, he jogged passing close at the front of my camera deliberately, asking me to suspect him as one the mentally abnormal regulars in the park. 145 more words


#ArtBlog 34

Today we decided to do art in the park. ( Luneta Park, Manila Philippines) to be exact. And we just enjoyed the place and the slight nature. 16 more words



Wind blew toward me round the corner of the park waking me from my drowse. I was hopping that the wind would blow away the thick clouds, which might fall as shower. 146 more words


What makes a painting beautiful, Part III

There’s more to it than putting pigment on paper. One of the things I have learned is that, not only do we paint best what we know best, but also, we paint best what we truly love! 211 more words

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