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Mostly worked

Need to do a few more of these and get a better background. I think the background is too busy.


Sketching Cape Mavropetra

Cape Mavropetra, a hidden beach thirteen minutes from Oia, shows a small portion of the history of the Santorini. A small, but important history about the last eruption;  Phase 3 and the first part of Phase 4 of the volcanic eruption.   790 more words


My favourite Mezcal place in Malinalco

This small corner shop not only sells essential food items but also their own Mezcal (like probably all the other places) over the counter. I would either go with my own bottle or just ask for a Mezcalito (1/4 litre) which they would fill into a small Coke bottle. 17 more words


one down!

I’ve completely filled my first sketchbook!

I began this one in April and am so very proud of myself for rolling with the bouts doubts and lack of inspiration. 72 more words

Simple Pleasures

Day 20, 30x30 direct watercolor challenge:

Two quick painting lessons from a Jay Lee youtube tutorial:

For the tree leaves, we made foil balls about 2″ in diameter, and brushed paint on them, and dabbed them onto the paper all over the branches. 27 more words

Continued Progress

I have continued work on the various drawing series that I previously posted and I have been enjoying them immensely. Even though I have never thought of myself as a drawer, this has become the media in which I have been working most. 104 more words