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Sidewalk Studies I

Tao, a neighbor up the street, keeps a nice urban garden going.  Here are four close studies from cell-phone photos. 13 more words


Wise words

It is our duty to never look the other way.

Never shrug off what we know is wrong.

Don’t look away.

Fight the good fight

Today's sketch

National Puppy Day….most of my gear is packed in the trunk of the car so I did this with what I had with me…..the more we travel with our Chihuahuas, the more I wish we had an RV. 70 more words


Flora & Fluff

Reeves and Winsor Newton Watercolors on Aquarelle Arches hot press paper.  The last kitten (with his nosey new friend) reminds me of my cat, Max, when he was just a tiny ball of fluff.  16 more words


Amanda Portrait Day 12 - Little Beluga

Those of us fortunate enough to know Amanda as she really is, without the Down Syndrome label, without talking over her or putting her in another room to watch cartoons with the kids (an ex-boyfriend’s sister actually did that once), those of us who don’t address her in monosyllables as if she were a dog, or thumb our superiority in other more  subtle ways that still ring loud as a bell, those of us who know Amanda understand that she is, first and foremost, a dork. 381 more words