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Poem: Village Mayor

Poem created in response to Poetic Bloomings’ “An Entertaining Summer” Poem-A-Day event

Day 28, July 28th

Prompt: Village in Late Summer

(form:  a sextet of shadormas) 111 more words


Little Birds

I got a haircut today, which meant it was the best idea to take the train into Midtown. So, nothing special. I had my earbuds on, jamming, oh, probably Korean cutesy or goth growling. 386 more words

How to create a quick calligraphy illustration

Writing is a passion that gets me excited as long as I can do it simple and with a brush! Making these inspirational calligraphy quotes is the best way to relax. 189 more words


"Roll over and let it drip out"

I have a buddy who one day asked me how I was doing. It’s not unusual, I know. So I said, “Somewhere like the average of super shitty and really good.” And he said, “You mean OK.” I honestly had my mind blown. 139 more words

Breaking back into Drawing

I’m thinking about using the blog format to help me be productive with the art stuff.  If other people can see if I’m being productive or not, maybe it will help push me to draw and/or paint.  1,680 more words


In my life I have been ....

a artist, a father,a worker, a dying man,a painter and husband……I am still happy most of those things. You have to put all of your self into what you do for it to mean something. 38 more words

Jaws Blake