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box full o' love

One of my favorite Scott Morgan watercolor paintings is this one he did especially for me. I didn’t have to request it, commission it, or give him an assignment to make me a painting that reminded him of me. 27 more words

Mandala timestream

This is the mandala design I was talking about earlier, on this blog — the one I wanted to show you, but was waiting until after Critique to post?  1,535 more words


365, Day 138: Serendipity and Sheer Dumb Luck

A couple of weeks ago, as I was driving behind my sweetheart down a dark, windy bit of Illinois roadway, a large owl flew between our vehicles. 84 more words


365, Day 137: Flight

This time of year I am torn between wanting to just fold in on myself or fly away. Far away…and escape.

(© Karen Opp. All rights reserved.)


365, Day 136: Resistence

There are days when I sit down to paint with an image, or at least the strong suggestion of an image, clear in my mind. And I resist. 74 more words


Quick paintings

Watercolor and Black Ink on Paper.
Quick painting from Berlin.