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Watercress Revisited: Hearty Three-Green Salad

I am determined not to waste the beautiful watercress that arrived last night in my bi-weekly produce box delivery. I enjoyed some in this morning’s orange smoothie, three of us enjoyed the following fancy salad as part of our 4-course family dinner. 395 more words


Today’s Smoothie: Orange Watercress

Watercress is not just for tea sandwiches or a plate garnish. Watercress is a high-protein nutritional powerhouse. Watercress belongs to the cruciferous vegetable family that includes cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and kale. 205 more words


magnifier cover

I am unable to embroider the Victorian Street crewel work piece whilst seated on the sofa because the frame is wide and it’s just awkward to turn it over in a restricted space, but I wanted… 118 more words

Crafty Bits

Frosty Morning at the Bjornson Education-Recreation Center

The Bjornson Education-Recreation Center is a project of the Menomonie Public Schools. It is open to the public and is a place I like to visit on a cold winter day because of the frost photos. 121 more words


Spiced chicken salad with bite (#38)

This is the first time I’ve eaten something that can be called a salad and I’ve thought ‘I’m enjoying this’.

As unfair to salads as that opening line was – I promise that I do love my veg – I question those that eat salads in any capacity other than as a starter to a larger meal. 504 more words

Nigella Lawson

Greens and Pomegranate Seeds with Citrus Vinaigrette

Aaaaaarrrghhhh it’s been almost two months since my last post! I have some excuses, and while none of them are any good, here they are nonetheless: First, we took a two week trip to Hawaii in November which was wonderful, but salad-wise the only variety we ate was macaroni. 286 more words


Juicing For Good Health (Recipes included)

What does juicing have to do with your health? The answer is nutrients. In the human body, nutrients support immunity. According to the Cleveland Clinic… 270 more words