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Marron with blood orange, fennel and apple

Ah marron, sweet sweet delicious juicy marron, how much I love you. But sadly, if you don’t live in Western Australia or on Kangaroo Island in South Australia you might struggle to find one of these tasty freshwater shellfish – so substitute with prawns, crayfish, lobster or even scallops for an indulgent and super fancy meal. 508 more words


Homemade Sweet Potato Ravioli With Watercress Pesto

Making your own pasta isn’t as hard as it sounds! I’d like to experiment more with different flours and techniques when I have some extra time, but these quick raviolis were a nice start. 456 more words

Watercress Salad with Potato, Cherry Tomatoes, Veggie Bacon

I’ve been on a watercress quest lately. Watercress, a member of the mustard family, is the baddest, most powerful vegetable on the planet, according to the Centers for Disease Control. 656 more words


Loch Trout, crispy potatoes, bacon, watercress, balsamic onion sauce and horseradish creme fraiche

This one is all due to another of my dalliances down the sales aisle in Tescos, a few months back I spied a couple of loch trout fillets on offer (alongside some slightly ropey looking swordfish steaks) grabbed them, quickly threw them in the freezer. 484 more words


Chicken and Watercress wrap

For 1 Serving:

1 tortilla
70 g of chicken leftovers
10 g of watercress
3 pitted olives (I prefer black olives)
1 tablespoon of low-fat cream cheese… 63 more words


Lamb and Haloumi Salad

Two weekends ago I went to a kitchen tea in Stellenbosch. We went to Clos Malverne Wine farm for a wine and ice cream tasting, two of my favourite things. 348 more words


Spiced Melon and Watercress Salad with Agave Lime Dressing

I’ll be completely honest here. I meant to post this┬ásalad a couple weeks ago, but life happens. The pork chops and sweet potatoes were priority, because I prepared those dishes during a cooking demonstration at work last week. 283 more words

Salad Dressing